Advanced youtube search – youtube filters

Searching videos on YouTube can be very tricky sometimes. Maybe you want a video of longer duration but all the results turning up are of smaller duration. Maybe you want to watch the entire movie instead of just the trailer. All these problems can be solved by using advanced YouTube search i.e. YouTube filters.

What are youtube filters?

YouTube filters are used to filter or narrow down your search results so that appropriate results are shown to you by YouTube.

How to do advanced youtube search?

There are two ways to do advanced youtube search i.e. to use youtube filters.
1. You can access advanced YouTube search by clicking the Filter link below your search result videos.

advanced youtube search - youtube filters

2. Second way is to directly use the filter name in your search separated by comma. For example if you want to search  xyz movie, then just type”xyz, movie” without quotes in the youtube search box and press enter.
The different types of filters availabe on youtube are explained below. To use them just type your search term and then the filter names separated by comma.

Upload Date

Today : shows video which were uploaded today.
This week : videos uploaded in the given week
Similarly This month and This year

Result type

Video, Channel : Shows video from YouTube official channel,
Playlist, Movie and Show.


Short video (videos shorter than 4 minutes) and long videos (videos longer than 20 minutes)


HD : show videos which are  HD
Creative Commons : shows video with creative common licence. A Creative Commons license is one of several public copyright licenses that allow the distribution of copyrighted works.
3D : shows videos which are 3D or with 3D options
Live now : Videos which are currently live
Atlast you will find the sort by option. By default it is set to “relevance” but you change it to other options like upload date, view count and Rating.