Convert Image to Negative and Negative to Positive Online Free

This is is on ‘How to convert an image to negative’. Sometimes, we do need to invert colors of an image. And sometimes we want to convert negative photos back into positive. There are several software which can be used to do this. Examples are Picasa, Adobe Photoshop, etc. What if you want to do it without any software. Then, only one way is to do it online using sites which provide tools to convert a photo into its negative.

Here, in this article, I am going to list down the sites which can be used to make negative images. And to simplify further, I am going to show you the where the different options on these site are located. This will enable you to get your job done in few minutes.

While searching on web, I could gather five websites. They are:

  1. TJS Home
  2. Free Photo Effects.Net
  3. Lunapic
  4. Phixr
  5. Water-Mark Images

In addition to giving negative effect, above mentioned sites provide a wide range of tools to operate on our photos online. And the good thing is that all are free.

1) Convert Image to Negative using TJSHome

Visit Website. Once there, look for the ‘Invert Colors’ option. Choose it and then upload your photo onto the website. And hit ‘Submit’. After few seconds, you will get your inverted image. Save it on your PC by right-clicking on it and selecting ‘Save Image As..’.

tjshome convert image to negative option location



2) Using FreePhotoEffects.Net

Visit .This is another place to get our image into inverted colors and that for no cost. It helps to avoid dependence on software.  Process here is also same. Choose a file and then hit ‘Generate My New Image’. Once you do that, after few seconds website will process your photo and give back its negative. You can download it.

free photo effects invert image color option location

3) Lunapic – Invert Photo Colors

Visit Lunapic. Lunapic is one of my favorite sites for image editing online. It provides a wide range of image effects and including basic operations like resizing and cropping. Also, we can obtain pencil sketch effect and oil painting effect online with this website.

lunapic image editing negative effect

4) Phixr

Visit Phixr. At Phixr, if you want to use their editing tools then first you have to accept their terms and conditions. So, accept it to get access. After that, choose a file and upload which is common with every image editing site online. Take help of below photo for converting image to negative.


5) Water-MarkImages.Com

Here, visit the link. Enlarge the image below to learn what to do on this site.

make negative to positive