Convert Photo to pencil Sketch Using Picasa Software

Heaven knows when your mind is set to convert photo to a pencil sketch. Well! With new software, you can transform your digital images into a pencil sketch. Nowadays, different software in the market are so good at making a that it looks real. You can take printouts of those converted images and boast in front of your friends about how good you are at sketching.

How to convert Photo to Pencil Sketch?

If you wish to make a sketch of your own photo then you need software which enable you to accomplish the task. There are several applications and software which make a sketch. Of them, the simplest is Picasa. On other hand, you can also do using online websites. There are couple of sites which can help you to make a sketch. Thus, there are two ways:

  1. Offline using Software like Picasa
  2. Online using websites like Dumpr

Make Pencil Sketch using Picasa

Picasa helps to make one. This tools is of great help as it is free. It is free to download as well as install. There is no registration or any other kind of fee for using Picasa. Follow below steps to make a sketch with Picasa. In this post we will discus only offline method. You can get online method here.

Step 1: Download

It is free and you can get it from web. Download from and then install it on your PC or laptop. (whatever). Next step is the installation. You can read the process of Picasa download in more detail on Techscio.

Step 2: Install

Once you have the installation file, install it on your PC so as to get the feature of sketching for free. This process is a child’s game. however, if you face any trouble then check the installation guide for Picasa. This step basically involves accepting Terms & Conditions and then selection of folder where the file is to be saved. Once done, proceed to step 3.

Step 3: Import Photos from PC

When you open the software for first time then it will ask to import all the photos on your hard disk to Picasa Album. Allow the software to import. Because if you don’t then you will not be able to convert your photo into sketch.

Step 4: Select Photo

picasa software look

Example: I am selecting a photo by double clicking

Once imported, browse through the imported photos and select the one which needs to be converted to pencil sketch. Double-click on that picture.

Step 5: Click the ‘Pencil Sketch Option’

convert photo to pencil sketch option in Picasa

Carefully locate the option with the help of above image.

Step 6: After doing step 5, you will get an option as ‘Apply’. Click on it to get your desired pencil sketched image.