Convert videos using VLC media player – flv to mp4, mp3, etc

Why to buy commercial video converters when you can convert videos using VLC media player. VLC offers much more features than just a video player. In this post I’ll show you how to use VLC to convert your videos for your mobile phones, ipod, portable players, etc.

Converting videos:

First make sure that you have all the settings set to default.

1. Open VLC media player by going to the start menu.
2. Click on media -> Open Advance (ctrl+shift+O)

vlc open advance

Click on Open advance

3. You will see a open media dialog box. Click on Add and add the files which you want to convert. Then click on the small arrow icon next to the play button. You will get a drop down menu. From that select Convert.

convert video using vlc add and convert

Add file and click on convert

4. In the next window click browse and select the location where you want your final converted file. Write the name of the destination file name (eg. convertedvideo.mp4) and press Save.
Check the check-box “Display the output” if you want to simultaneously watch the video during conversion.

convert video using vlc - browse and save

5. Next we are going to create a new profile for your portable device. (In this example I am going to create a new profile for ipod). Creating a new profile has to be done only for the first time and next time you want to convert your video, it will be already available.
Click on the right-most option in the profile setting (“create new profile”).

A new windows will pop up. Write the profile name at the top (eg. Ipod320x240). The name can be any custom name. In the encapsulation tab select mp4/mov for ipod (these settings should work with most portable players).

video conversion using vlc - encapsulation

Next go to video tab and check the video checkbox. Change the codec to MPEG-4. Next change the bitrate and frame rate according to your device profile. For Ipod keep bitrate to 768kb/s (for higher quality videos you may use 1024kb/s). Change the frame rate to 24. If you keep frame rate as zero, then it will use the videos default frame rate. Next Specify only the width of the video as 320 to maintain the aspect ratio. If you specify both width and height, then it will stretch the video to fit to your desired width and height.

vlc convert video tab

Next go to the audio tab and check the audio checkbox. Change the codec to MPEG-4 audio, bitrate to 64 kb/s for normal quality audio or to 128 kb/s for higher quality audio. And then finally click on save.

vlc convert audio tab

6. Thus you have successfully created your profile. Select the profile from the drop down menu and click on start. You will see the video if you opted for Display the output or else you will just see progress bar. When the progress is completed you will have your video converted at your saved location.

final step to convert videos using vlc