Install windows 8 on Mac – with or without using CD/DVD

If you are Mac user and very curious about the new windows 8 operating system from Microsoft  You want to try it out on your mac but don’t know how to do it, then here we are going to show how to Install windows 8 on Mac using the built-in Boot Camp software.

Where to find Boot Camp

If your Mac OS X is 10.6 or higher then you can find Boot Camp application under the utilities folder. If your OS X is older than 10.6 then please update it to get boot camp. (Also note that installing windows 8 with boot camp is only possible on Intel based mac)


1. Windows 8 bootable CD/DVD (or the windows 8 iso file)
2. Intel based Mac with OS X 10.6 or higher
3. 20 GB or higher space on your hard drive
4. CD/DVD drive, if you are going to use windows 8 CD/DVD ( you can also install without using CD/DVD drive by mounting the iso file)

Install windows 8 on Mac

Step 1: Go to utilities folder and open Boot Camp.

boot camp in utilities

Step 2: It will ask you if you have Windows support software. If you installing it for the first time then probably you won’t be having it. So go ahead with Download the Windows support software for this Mac. (It will take a little longer to download as the file size is larger around  0.5 GB)
If you already have or already download the support software before then select the other option and go ahead.

download windows support software for mac

Step 3: Next it will ask you to create a Partition. The minimum partition size is 20GB but if you going to use windows 8 then you’ll probably need more space. I use windows 8 and mac equally so I am going to divide it into two equal parts. (for a normal user who just want to try windows 8, 25 GB to 30 GB is enough)

create partition for windows 8 on mac

Step 4: Next you need to insert your windows 8 installation disc and click on start. (If you don’t have a CD/DVD drive, then you can mount the windows 8 iso file using Toast or any other mounting software and click on start)

insert windows 8 dvd or mount the iso file

Step 5: The remaining installation process is very simple. Just remember that when it asks for where to install windows 8 then you need to select the BOOTCAMP partition to install windows 8. 

After the windows 8 installation is complete you need to install the Windows support software that you download earlier. The Windows support software includes all the drivers required on new windows 8 Operating system.

Thus you have successfully dual booted your mac Windows 8 and Mac OS X. To switch between the two you need to press the Option key while the system is booting up ( while powering ON your system).