Off store extension and userscripts installation in Chrome

In Google Chrome recent update, Google have disabled all off store extension and userscripts installation. It means that you can’t directly install any extension or usercripts which are not on Chrome web store. But there is an indirect way for extension and userscripts installation.

When you try to install off store extensions or userscripts on chrome, you will get a message “Extensions, apps, and user scripts can only be added from the chrome web store” or this message “Extensions, apps, and user scripts cannot be added from this website”.

extensions, apps, user scripts cannot be added from this site - solution

You can’t directly install off store extension or an userscript directly from a website but you can always install it manually.

Manual off store Extension and Usersripts Installation

Step 1: Open Extensions page by going to Settings-> tools -> Extensions

google chrome extensions navigation

Step 2: Download and save the extension or the userscipt to desktop. Google extensions have ‘.crx’ extension and userscripts have ‘.user.js’ extension.

Step 3: Drag and move the downloaded extension or the userscript to the extensions page in Google chrome

drag and drop extension in google chrome

Step 4: It will ask a confirmation to add the extension or the user-script. Click on add to add the extension to Google chrome.

add user scripts to google chrome

Thus you have manually added the extension to Google chrome.

Automatic Extensions and Userscripts installation

If you use a large number of extensions and userscripts or if you keep on experimenting with chrome extensions then it won’t be efficient to install each and every Extension and userscript manually.

You can easily automate the process by enabling a chrome flag. The chrome flag we are going to use over here is the enable-easy-off-store-extension-install. This flag need to be passed to Google chrome when it is started. So we need to edit the command line options for the chrome executable. This can be easily done by editing the properties tab of the Chrome shortcut.

Right click on the chrome shortcut or shift-right-click on the icon on taskbar and open properties.

shift right click task bar chrome

The properties tab will pop up. Now in the target add the following line after chrome.exe


enable easy off store install chrome

After adding the above line, click on OK. Now you easily install chrome extensions and userscripts off store just like before.