Online Convert Photo to Pencil Sketch Free

Want to Sketch Your Photo? If you are searching ‘How to convert photo to pencil sketch online’ then we have the list of sites which can help you to pencil sketch your pictures. With online conversion, there is no need to download and  install any kind of software on your system.  The websites for online making of pencil sketches are total six and let us see one by one.

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What is pencil sketch?

If you are still wondering what pencil sketching your image is then it is a process with which you convert your pictures to a new look and it appears as if drawn using a pencil. This is sketching.

List of sites: Online Make Photo to Pencil Sketch

At the time of writing this article, I searched on web and could gather a total of eight sites for you. They are:

  1. Picture to People
  2. TJS Home
  3.  Dumpr
  4.  Befunky
  5. Tuxpi
  6. Editor.Pho
  7. Pencil My Pic
  8. SnapsTouch

Note: Basic thing involved in all the above site is to upload the images and then click a ‘Convert’  button. Then sketch of your uploaded photo is given to you.

1) Picture to People

Visit the site here. Using this site, we can give our photos effect of pencil sketch. Once on the site, scroll down to the bottom of the page. Or press ‘END’ button on keyboard.

  1. Select ‘Choose File Option’
  2. Click ‘Calculate Effect’.convert photo to pencil sketch online

Once you do the above two steps, the site will take some time to make a sketch. Once the site is done, you will get the sketch. Then right click on it to save it on your hard disk or system.

2) TJS Home: Another Site for Making Sketches of Pics

Visit the site here. When you open the site, scroll down and find the ‘Sketch’ option. Apart from this, you can use many other different effect on your pic. At the end of webpage, Upload and then click on submit to get the desired pencil sketch effect.

TJS Home make pencil sketch

3) Using Dumpr Image Editing Site

DUMPR image editing

Visit this link. Dumpr provides a wide range of option to import photos. With this, you can upload photos directly from Facebook, Picasa, Flickr, Hard Disk and any Web URL. Choose option which suits your need and click ‘Continue’. The site takes some time and then it produces a pencil sketch of your photo. You can download. Right click on it and select ‘Save Image as..’ to store it on your system.


Befunky make pencil sketch

Visit the site. When on the site, click on ‘Get Started’ or ‘Start Having Fun’. When you click on this then only you will get the option to convert photo to pencil sketch. Befunky provides you multiple option to upload from Facebook, Flickr, Picasa, Photobucket and even from webcam. Select anyone and upload.

Take help of below screenshot to get your job done. Three steps are involved at Befunky to get it.

  1. Click on Upload
  2. Click on ‘Artsy’
  3. Then finally locate ‘Sketcher’.

5) TuxPi

tuxpi convert photo to pencil sketch

First visit Tuxpi. This is another good site for getting your work done. below image will help you to figure out what things to do. Browse for the file and upload. the moment you click on Upload, your job is done and you get the pencil sketch of photo.


Photo editor make phot into sketch effect

Visit site. Another wonderful site with different tools to operate on pictures. Apart from many other effects, one is Pencil sketching.

7) PencilMyPic

Visit the site. It has a very simple user interface. All the tools are in front of you. Choose a file from your PC and then upload. And you get your word done.

8) SnapsTouch

The site which I used first in my life to get a sketch is this one. It has a good user interface. Only thing you need to do is a little bit of scrolling to get the options for making your photo into pencil sketches online.