Top Ten Richest Authors in the World

When it comes to the highest paid authors today, who comes to mind? Who would rate a top ten list among the richest authors in the world today? Well, stick with me, and I will tell you. This article is going to answer all of your questions, those you have and even some you may not have thought of. You might even be surprised by who is making money just from their books and who is also making money on movie and television show offers as well, like the Harry Potter Series that is popular not only in print but as a Blockbuster set of movies. Being an author isn’t easy, but you can learn a lot from those who have paved the way.

#10 Stephanie Meyer – One of The Richest Authors

Net Worth: $125 Million #10 Stephanie Meyer: $125 Million Definitely not her biggest fan, fellow author, Stephen King was famously quoted as having said that ‘she can’t write worth a dam’, however, this lucky lady has racked up quite the pocketbook in the last few years. In fact, since 2005, her Twilight series covering vampire romance has sold well over 100 million copies all around the world. Her sparkling vampires have captured the hearts of teens and adults everywhere. The translations have been spread across 37 different languages, and she has earned quite the dedicated fan base and Summit Entertainment has offered quite the movie deals! Some people are a little skeptical of her abilities because before she wrote this popular series, she had never ever written anything else, not even a short story. However, her popularity is unshakeable.

#9 John Grisham – No List Will Be Complete Without Him!

Net Worth: $200 Million Richest Authors -#9 John Grisham - $200 Million He is a lawyer, an American politician, and author. He is known for his edge of the seat thrillers. After graduating from the University of Mississippi State, he started writing with his first novel A Time to Kill back in 1984. He spent 3 years working on this book, getting up at 5 am for writing before he had to be at work, and in the beginning it was rejected. Selling over 2 million copies on a first printing, he is only one of three authors to have accomplished this. Eight of his novels have movie adaptations, and there are 29 languages his books have been translated into. He has proven that giving up a law career in pursuit of a dream was the right thing to do! He has followed his passion for writing and he hasn’t looked back. He has sold over 250 million novels, all around the world. Wynwood Press sure is glad that they rolled the dice and gambled on his abilities.

#8 Olivia Harrison

Net Worth:  $275 Million #8 Olivia Harrison:  $275 Million Not only is she an author, but this British Mexican known as Olivia Harrison is also the widow of the guitarist of the Beatles, the late George Harrison and she is a film producer. She met her late husband when she worked as a secretary at A & M Records. The couple married in 1978 and they were side by side until his death in 2001. Released in 2011 by George Harrison, Living in the Material World is a book she co-authored. A documentary was created surrounding her book and she later appeared in New York City to promote the documentary. Her current net worth is $275 Million Dollars. Today she still makes appearances to promote the many causes that she and her husband were very passionate about.

#7 Tom Clancy

Net Worth: 300 million dollars #7 Tom Clancy is one of the richest authors in the world He was an American novelist known for producing novels based on the nonfiction, spy fiction, crime fiction, and techno-thriller styles. He wrote 17 books that were on the best seller lists worldwide and he has sold over 100 million copies. Before becoming an author he was Vice-chairman and part owner of the Baltimore Orioles Baseball team, and he spent some time working with an independent insurance agency. Many of his books have been brought to life on the big screen such as “The Hunt For Red October”, “Patriot Games”, “Clear and Present Danger” and also “The Sum Of All Fears”. He was married in June of 1999 to Alexandra Marie Llewellyn, a freelance journalist. His death occurred on October 1St, 2013 and shocked his fans all over the world.

#6 James Patterson

Net Worth: $310 million #6 James Patterson He has over 51 New York Times best sellers in his repertoire and a current net worth of approximately $310 million dollars. Patterson is the creator of the super-sleuth Alex Cross who is a Forensic Psychologist. To keep his readers engaged, he releases at least two novels a year.  He is well-known for being a computer-phoebe. All of his novels to this day are written out by hand, and surprisingly he is a huge success in the world of e-books with the book I, Alex Cross is selling 160,000 digital units. He also has a range of romances, thrillers, non-fiction titles, and comedies as well and his career is stronger than ever with recent book deals landing him 100 million dollars for another 17 books. He is a very prolific writer, having written several thrillers, romance novels, and non-fiction works. He has been recognized in many awards ceremonies through the years, including the Thriller of the Year from the BCA Mystery Guild, an Edgar, and the International Thriller of the Year Award. No other author comes close to his number one record of having 51 New York Times Best Selling Works. His current per year salary is $90 million dollars annually.

#5 Danielle Steele – She is the 4th Bestselling Author of all Time!

Net Worth: $380 million #5 Danielle Steele This American novelist has achieved great things. She is the fourth bestselling author of all time with having sold over 800 million copies worldwide. Her novels are based on children’s fiction, poetry, and romance. You can find her books translated in over 28 different languages and available for sale in 47 countries around the world. Some of her most popular best sellers are “To Love Again”, “Amazing Grace”, “Big Girl” and “Betrayal”. Fans all over the world have been swept away by her engaging stories. As a child, she grew up in France, but after her parents divorced she was relocated to New York City. As a teen she started writing poetry and finished her first manuscript at age 19. Her first husband was Claude-Eric Lazard. After one child and nine years of marriage the couple divorced. It was then before the divorce was finalized that she published Going Home, her first novel. She had two marriages that ended rapidly, one with Danny Zugelder a convicted rapist and another to William Toth who was a heroin addict. The novels Passion’s Promise and Remembrance both seem to follow a parallel of the two failed unions. She made the Guinness Book of World Records for a book remaining on the list of bestsellers for 381 weeks consecutively. She has penned over 70 different novels and other works of fiction, as well as children’s literature and picture books.

#4 Stephen King – The Godfather of Horror!

Net Worth: $400 million #4 Stephen King His gripping storytelling has earned him a net worth of $400 million in science fiction, horror, suspense, and contemporary horror genres. Through the years he has battled many severe addictions with prescription medicines, drugs, and alcohol, but even still he is without a doubt one of the most known and respected story tellers in the world. He has over 80 books that have been translated to the big screen and his global recognition for works such as The Shining, Carrie, and The Shawshank Redemption to just name a few. In 2003 he was awarded the Medal for Outstanding Contributions to American Letters and apart from his famous works, he writes for magazines and journals on a continual basis. As a young man, he found his creative and even entrepreneurial spirit early. This was evident when teachers discovered he was selling stories to his friends and making a nice income from it. They did of course force him to return all of the profits he had collected.

#3 Candy Spelling

Net Worth: $600 million #3 Candy Spelling She not just an American Author, she is also a well-respected Philanthropist, entrepreneur, heiress, and socialite. She is most known for being the wife of Aaron Spelling, a prolific producer for television and entertainment mogul. She married him in 1968 and was with him until he died in 2006. The couple had two children, Randy and Tori, who are both known actors. She writes as a regular columnist for, LA Confidential, and The Huffington Post. Her autobiography, Stories from Candlyland was released in 2009 and just two weeks after publication, it landed on the New York Times Best Sellers List. She serves as a member of the board of trustees for the American Humane Association.

#2 Jim Davis

Net Worth: $800 million #2 Jim Davis His net worth tops out at $800 million dollars as an American Cartoonist/author who is well-known for his comic strip that is internationally successful – “Garfield”. He has worked on five other comic strips and has written a variety of television specials for “Garfield”. He still continues to produce the comic strip today and currently he is in the process of creating a CGI series that will be called “The Garfield Show.” He has been publishing “Garfield” since as far back as 1978, so needless to say he has had a long standing career. The comic strip is a chronicle of the daily life of characters Jon Arbuckle, the dog Odie, and the cat Garfield. It is not only known as a worldwide syndicated comic strip, it is an audience favorite. For the Garfield TV specials that are either nominated or have won Emmy Awards, he has either penned them himself or served as a co-writer. He also joined the team of producers who were behind the popular TV Show, Garfield & Friends that was on CBS between 1988 and 1995. Even today, he continues to work on the strip. His other notable works of comics include Tumbleweeds, Gnorm Gnat, U.S. Acres or Orson’s Farm, and a strip that is written about Mr. Potato Head. He is also the founder of the Professor Garfield Foundation that supports literacy in children. People will continue to love Garfield in many years to come, he is a character who really has stood the test of time. To have an ongoing successful series that has lasted so long is a great accomplishment to say the very least.

#1 J.K. Rowling – The Richest Author in the World!

Net Worth: $1 Billion #1 J.K. Rowling - Wealthiest Author in the world She is a British novelist who is most well-known for the creation of the Harry Potter series that has earned her a net worth of $1 Billion dollars. While on a train from Manchester to London in 1990, she conceived the idea for this amazing series. People all over the world, both young and old have fallen in love with the Harry Potter characters. She is one of the most respected and recognized authors of children’s books of our time. Selling a staggering 400 million copies these books gained worldwide recognition at an unprecedented momentum. Her publisher Joanne of Bloomsbury originally suggested she take on the initials of J.K  in her name because they were not only ambiguous, it was believed she would appeal more to the male teenage fiction audience this way than as a female writer. Not only are the books popular with the youth audience, but adults have taken to them as well. This led to the inevitable film translations of all the books and today has taken Rowling to the top of the list of the world’s most wealthiest and influential celebrities. The movies and books have won numerous awards and have made history making sales around the world. Additionally, she has also written a crime fiction novel The Cuckoo’s Calling and The Casual Vacancy. In addition to the many awards she has won, she has received the British Academy Film Award and Freedom of the City of London.