Richest Black Man in the World – Top 10 Billionaire People/Men List – 2013

Who is the richest black man? Who are the richest black people in the world? To answer these, this article contains the list of richest black men on planet Earth in the year 2013. Black people find a place in list of billionaires of the world which is released by Forbes. This article will also tell you the richest black person in America, i.e. African American Billionaires.

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Before preparing this list, I had planned to provide information about top ten richest black men. However, when I checked the date of Forbes magazine, then I could find only seven persons who could qualify. Note that along with the name, I have given the net worth of those people in billion dollars. E.g: $16 Billions, etc. It shows how much wealth a person has.

#1) The Richest Black Man in the World – Aliko Dangote – $16.1 Billion

richest black man in the world aliko dangote

Topping this list is Aliko Dangote. Born in Kano which is in the country of Nigeria, Mr. Dangote is the President and CEO of Dangote Group. He is also the founder of this company. According to official website, he established this company back in the year 1981. His company initially ventured into the cement business which turned out to be very fruitful. Today, Dangote Cement is the largest cement manufacturer not only in Nigeria but also in the whole African continent. His company operates cement plants in countries like Ethiopia, Zambia, Cameroon, Republic of Congo, Senegal, South Africa and many others.

His stakes in it make him the richest black man in the world from Nigeria. The company which he founded provides employment to nearly 26000 people from his homeland. His wealth makes him the richest person in Nigeria and also a person with more fortune than anyone in the African continent. He obtained his Bachelors degree from much famed Al-Azhar University in Cairo, Egypt.

#2) Sheikh Mohammed Al-Amoudi – From Saudi Arabia

one of the richest black people in the world

With a net worth of 13.5 Billion US Dollars, Mohammed Al Amoudi is the second richest black man in the world. Born in Ehitopia, Al-Amoudi (also spelled as Muhammad Al-Amudi) migrated to Saudi Arabia along with his father during childhood. According to Forbes Magazine, he made his fortune in Saudi Arabia after getting lucrative contracts of building Universities and complexes and thus establishing himself as a construction tycoon of Middle-East.

When it comes to personal life, his mother is an Ethiopian while his father an Arabian. He has eight children. He also owns oil companies and gold mines across different countries in Africa. This makes him occupy the spot #2 in this list of wealthiest richest black men. Now, he is the chairman of MIDROC which stands for Mohammed International Development Research and Organization Companies. He is also the second richest person in Saudi Arabia. Overall, he ranks #65 on Forbes Billionaires List of 2013.

#3) Mike Adenuga – Third Richest Black Man – From Nigeria

mike adenuga in his office - third richest black man

With a net worth of $4.7 Billions, Mike Adenuga is the third richest person on our list of world’s richest black people. He occupies the second spot on the list of richest Nigerians. His wealth is entirely self-made. He started Globacom in the year 2006 which is a telecommunication company which provides cell phone services.

He is considered to be the richest man in Oyo State.  He also ventured out into oil production business and achieved considerable success in it.  His company Consolidated Oil Limited became the first one in Nigeria to produce and sell oil at profitable business.

#4) Patrice Motsepe – From South Africa

patrice motsepe richest black man in south africa

South Africa’s richest black man, Patrice Motsepe has a fortune of about $2.9 billions. He started learning business lessons from his father who was a small time businessman in South Africa. He founded a mining company which is African Rainbow Minerals (ARM) and he is the chairman of it. He is one of the South Africa’s richest man.

It is involved in mining and exploration of rare earth materials like platinum. It is also involved in metals like gold, silver, iron, copper, etc. In the month of January 2013, he joined the Giving Pledge which was started by Bill Gates and Warren Buffet, both American billionaires. He has pledged to give half of his profits generated from assets owned by him to charity. He is the fourth on the list of richest black people in the world.

#5) Mohammed Ibrahim – From United Kingdom (Britain)

mohammed ibrahim - mo ibrahim

Last richest black man in the world with a net worth of $1.1B, Mohammed Ibrahim (also known as Mo Ibrahim) is based in the United Kingdom. Born in Sudan, Mr. Ibrahim started Celtel International in 1988 which is a mobile phone company. It operates in over 23 countries at present. He sold it for $3.4 billions in 2005 to MTC Kuwait.

In 2006, he launched Mo Ibrahim Foundation which aims to create good governance and great leadership in Africa by awarding prizes to efficient leaders. His academic qualifications are unmatched by others in this list. He holds a Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering from University of Alexandria and Masters in Electronics and Electrical Engineering from University of Bradford. And finally a Ph.D in Mobile Communications. In fact, he is the richest black engineer in the world.

The basis of this list is data from Forbes. You can also find more information here on Richest Black People in the World.

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