Top 10 Richest Companies in the World

You must’ve heard about the most valuable companies that are controlling the market, but are you familiar with the details of their work? The world is a global marketplace where each company wants to get to the top. Being the best company isn’t only satisfying from a financial aspect, but the influential side of the deal is impressing. Maybe you are guessing which business organizations are on the top of this list and probably buying in their stores every day, but there aren’t many commercialized companies that you see on TV because most of them are related to oil and gas industry. World’s gigantic organizations reach a revenue of $400 billion and they aren’t planning to stop, or decrease that amount anytime soon. Their influence on the world is enormous, which makes their creators some of the most powerful owners. We all use their products and that is why they are in control of the market for an average person. If you want to know which companies are leading the world, this is the top 10 order:

#1) Wal-Mart – Richest Company in the World

Revenue: $476 Billion

#1) Wal-Mart  Revenue: $476 Billion - Top Company

Who would’ve thought a retail company such as Wal-mart can be more successful than an oil and gas organization? With a net income (profits) of $16.022 billion in 2014, the founder Sam Walton was among the most respectable company leaders for his work has achieved enormous revenues, which make him higher than any oil and gas company owner in the world. The current CEO of Wal-Mart is Doug McMillon is among the key people of their organization with the Chairman S. Robson Walton. Have you ever wondered why Wal-mart is so successful? The power to offer products for a lower price than anywhere else in the world is what keeps this company to dominate the company world. With more than 2 Million employees, Wal-mart is also leading this list with people hired by them, which confirms their efficiency and capacity of work positions in the world. They have 11 thousand retail units in 27 countries and there isn’t another reason to prove their dominance.

#2) Royal Dutch Shell

Revenue: $451 Billion

One of the Richest Company in the World-#2) Royal Dutch Shell  Revenue: $451 Billion

Before opening this article, you thought an oil and gas company must be on the first spot in such a list. Well, you are wrong because even if Shell is doing a magnificent job in distributing oil and gas in the world, they are still 2nd with their revenues even if they have achieved more net income than Wal-Mart’s – $16.371 Billion in 2013. Maybe you know the other successful energy and petroleum companies that can be matched with Shell, but the reality is that Shell is offering its non-credit to customers, which is a debit-type payment solution. With the payment, they can also purchase fuel with a discount. Shell has offered a job solution for more than 90 thousand people in 90 countries all over the world. Even if its headquarters is located in London, the CEO Ben Van Beurden is helping the most qualified people to work in the 2nd most valuable company. Shell alongside Wal-mart have changed the world and still progressing to provide what their customers need.

#3) China National Petroleum Corporation

Revenue: $425 Billion

#3) China National Petroleum Corporation  Revenue: $425 Billion

Republic of China has the largest energy company in their country, which is 3th in the world. There aren’t any specific calculations about the profit they did in the last few years, but in 2011 they had a net income of 16.317 Billion, which is more than Wal-Mart this year. This is probably the largest company in the world with 1,600,000 people to work for CNPC. With its front office in Beijing, Zhou is taking care of the people in China by providing them affordable energy for 29 provinces, municipalities and autonomous regions. Their latest plan is to provide over 11 billion cubic meters of natural gas to different regions in China and it is promised to be delivered in four years. Chinese people know how to provide oil and gas in the world and they are among the best in the market.

#4) Exxon Mobil Corporation

Revenue: $420 Billion

#4) Exxon Mobil Corporation  Revenue: $420 Billion
Another one of the top companies in the world

Exxon’s CEO – Rex W. Tillerson is planning to make this company the best in the oil and gas area. The ability to have revenues more than GDP of 100 countries around the world. But, they are also investing their money to find and develop new energy supplies with $11.5 Billion in 2011. 38 oil refineries in 21 countries with a capacity of 6.3 million barrels is why Exxon is making a huge impact in the industry and provides its effort for a cheaper petroleum and energy in general. Less than 77 thousand employees are helping this organization to work smoothly and their main office is in Texas. Many of you might not be aware that John Rockefeller had started this company, which was called Standard Oil in 1870.But, what makes this company even more special in the energy industry, is their offer for power capacity. Exxon has astonishing 16,000 megawatts of power generation to offer and it is one of the reasons why it is crucial in this business.

#5) Sinopec Group

Revenues: $411 Billion

#5) Sinopec Group  Revenues: $411 Billion

Beijing has another oil company which makes it to the top 10 list. It can’t be compared to CNPC, but  it is still involved in gas exploration, refining, chemical fibers and petrochemicals. This multi-billion dollar oil company provides employment to  around 400,000 people.  With such a gigantic revenue, it’s no doubt that the profits are in the billions. They got more contracts last year from regions like which Asia, Australia, Europe, the Middle East and North America. These contracts are stated to be worth around $4 billions.  This year, Sinopec has made a progress when it comes to providing their services to a new country since Iran has accepted to work with them. This country has been under unilateral US sanctions since decades. But the Chinese Sinopec doesn’t mind drilling and exploring in Iran.

#6) British Petroleum

Revenue: $379 Billion

#6) British Petroleum  Revenue: $379 Billion

British Petroleum is aiming their power to their activities regarding renewable energy, which is a characteristic that makes them different from the other oil and gas companies when’ve mentioned. They are especially concerned in the biofuels and wind power, so Bob Dudley – CEO of the company, is making a huge effort to provide more to the people besides the usual production – oil and gas. Their name is spread across 80 countries, but the main location is in London. When it comes to their net income, BP can brag with an income of $15 Billion. 83,900 employers are hired by the BP to do an amazing job in the world and that number will increase if they expand the plans to create more power from renewable energy. The strategy is directed that way since they have invested $8 Billion in a renewable energy for the next ten years including natural gas and hydrogen power. Many European countries are expecting a lot from BP because this kind of energy is the future when it comes to global warming and the decreasing amount of oil.

#7) Samsung

Revenue: $327 Billion


Here is a company that an average person must be familiar with, since Samsung is producing some of the most famous products in the world such as smart phones, TVs and every sort of electronics. Apple, HTC and Sony can also be satisfied with the Samsung’s work because they are producing electronic components for them. Their net income is $28.88 billion and the CEO Lee Kun-Hee has offered 427,000 job positions spread across numerous countries. A conglomerate company such as Samsung has put their finishing touches on various technological creations and they’re headquartered in Samsung Town, Seoul. Their history with Toshiba and the competitiveness shows the ability to work on any technology field in order to be successful. Samsung has achieved a lot since their beginnings because they are proud to be on the same level with companies such as Apple and Google. TRIZ is the latest huge achievement and it was able to save $100 million in the starting projects because it became the backbone of their innovation, and provided a new direction for creating. The Russian engineers did an amazing job in the early 2000s with TRIZ because Samsung produced 50 new patents in 2003.

#8) Saudi Aramco

Revenues: $311 Billion

#8) Saudi Aramco  Revenues: $311 Billion

Saudi Arabia is providing enough petroleum and natural gas in the world with Aramco and that isn’t strange because this is the most valuable company in the world with $10 trillion according to the Financial Times. Since they have the largest oil reserves and largest daily oil production, Saudi Aramco’s CEO – Khalid A. Al-Falih has hired more than 54,000 people with main office in Dhahran to satisfy the world’s need of global energy. They are the most powerful in the Southern Area because they provide the separation of water and gas for a shipment to Abqaiq.But, even if Aramco is dedicated to delivering enough energy for the world, they have made a remarkable impact with technologies such as underground sensors and horizontal wells to extract more oil from every field. These technological details along with the level of energy they can provide, Aramco can proudly say it is the central bank of oil in the world and it will continue to stay that way for a long time since Saudi Arabia has a lot of oil reserves to offer.

#9) Vitol

Revenues: $303 Billion

#9) Vitol  Revenues: $303 Billion

Vitol as independent energy provider is among the largest organizations that are distributing commodities for every nation. Their core is based in Geneva, Switzerland and it was founded by Henk Vietor in 1966.The number of employees can’t be matched to the numerous companies you’ve read about, but almost 3,000 workers are a good amount of people to provide what the organization needs. Vitol can be found in 30 countries all over the world and the CEO – Ian Taylor is doing everything in its power to spread their name to more countries in order to provide more energy. Many people were expecting the price of energy to drop in 2013, but Vitol has stated that it won’t happen because $110 for a barrel is the lowest price for the moment. Ian is leading an independent organization that is trading coal, natural gas, power, agricultural products, gasoline and numerous other commodities that can be related to energy, which is an amazing achievement since they are sharing it globally and not many energy organizations can say that.

#10) State Grid Corporation of China

Revenue: $290 Billion

#10) State Grid Corporation of China  Revenue: $290 Billion

Up until now, there wasn’t an electric utility corporation in the list and China should be proud to have the largest state-owned company that is delivering electricity – the State Grid Corporation of China. Based in Beijing, China, SGCC is providing electric energy for its country, but also delivering it to the world. It started in 2002 and has become one of the 7 largest in the world with the president – Liu Zhenya. If you still don’t know the significance of their production, you should be aware that they are providing electrical energy to 1,340,000 households and 5,090,000 people in remote areas. Even if it’s on the 10th spot, the SGCC’s offering much more job positions than most of the companies – 1,564,000 and its net income was more than $5 billion in 2011. They are also valuable for the projects which involve grid infrastructure. By 2020, they are willing to spend $208 billion on creating the smart grid all across China and use foreign technology in order for that goal to be achieved. SGCC is trying to increase the power capacity from the wind with numerous wind projects that will make enormous changes not only for them, but for the entire world.

With this, we finish our article on top 10 richest companies in the world.