Richest Counties in America – Top 10 List of US State’s Subdivisions

The article is about richest counties in America. There are thousands of counties in the US. Some of them are rich while some are poorer. In this list, we present the top 10 counties based on their income. Their rankings are based on Median Household Income. The county of Loudoun is the richest county whereas Falls Church City comes in the second place in terms of highest income.

What is a county in the United States of America?

According to National Association of Counties, it is defined as political and geographic subdivision of a state, usually assigned some governmental authority. It is an arm of a US state.

List of Top 10 Richest Counties of United States


Name of the County

Median Household Income

1 Loudon $119,525
2 Los Alamos $117,481
3 Los Alamos $110,204
4 Fairfax  $105,409
5 Hunterdon  $99,216


7 Arlington $98,060
8 Douglas County $95,973
9 Somerset $95,915
10 Prince William $93,101

Let us begin the rankings in descending order with a small description of each. In starting is the tenth ranked Prince William. All the income below represents the median household income.

#10) Prince William  – One of the Richest Counties in America

State: Virginia

Income: $93,101

prince william location in USA

Located in the state of Virginia, Prince William is basically an extension of Loudon, Fairfax, and other upscale counties of suburban D.C. It is also one of the highest income generating places. An interesting fact about this is that it was named after a royal person from the UK. He was Prince William, Duke of Cumberland.  The US Department of Defense, Public Schools and Walmart are some of the top employers for the inhabitants of this place.

#9) Somerset

Income:  $95,915

State: New Jersey

somerset in new jersey - one of the richst american county

Founded in May 22, 1688, Somerset is one of the oldest counties in the United States of America. It is not to be confused with the one in the UK. Located on the eastern coast, it was colonized by the early foreign invaders like the British. On this list of the richest counties in America, it ranks ninth. Franklin Township is the largest city here. More than 70% of this rich county’s population are white while blacks comprise around 13%.

#8) Douglas County

Income:  $95,973

State: Colorado

douglas colorado location

Named after a politician Stephen Arnold Douglas, this wealthy county was founded on November 1, 1861. According to its official website, it is one of the most friendly counties in America. County schools, Echostar, CH2M Hill and Western Union are some of the firms which are the largest employer in this area of America.

#7) Arlington – One of the wealthiest Counties in United States

Income:  $98,060

State: Virginia

arlington - another rich county in usa

Being seventh wealthiest county, Arlington is named after an Earl of Arlington, United Kingdom. Some of the important things in this rich county are Arlington National Cemetery, the Pentagon Memorial, the Marine Corps War Memorial, and the United States Air Force Memorial. Small population and a good quality of life coupled with low poverty enable this location to find a place in the list of wealthiest counties in America.

#6) Howard

Income:  $99,040

State: Maryland

howard - maryland

Situated between Baltimore and Washington, D.C. is the sixth richest county i.e. Howard. It has been after an American soldier and Maryland politician John Eager Howard. Baltimore, Carroll and Montgomery are some of the places which border this wealthy place. Racially, majority of the population is white and around 17.5% are black. High Median household income help this place to occupy a spot in top 10 richest counties in the US.

#5) Hunterdon  – Another in top 10 Richest Counties in the US

Income:  $99,216

State: New Jersey

hunterdon county - one of the wealthiest counties in america

Situated in the western area of America is the fifth highest-income county. Hunterdon was founded on March 11, 1714. Some of the important places to see here are Beneduce Vineyards, Hunterdon County Arboretum, Hunterdon County Courthouse and Hunterdon Medical Center. Some of the townships are Alexandria, Bethlehem, Clinton, Delaware, and East Amwell.

#4) Fairfax

Income: $105,409

State: Virginia

faifax county location on american map

One of the most populous counties and also the most populous jurisdiction in the state of Virginia, Fairfax is the fourth richest county in America. Named after Thomas Fairfax, 6th Lord Fairfax of Cameron, it was home to the first US President George Washington. As per the Census Bureau’s data, around 17% of its inhabitants are Asian.

#3) Los Alamos

Income: $110,204

State: New Mexico

los alamos - one of the richest counties in america

With a very small population, Los Alamos is one of the highest-income counties in the USA. Its inhabitants are around 18000 in number. According to The American City Business Journal, this rich county in the US is the best place to live in terms of quality of life in America. It qualifies as the third richest county.

#2) Falls Church City- Second Richest US County

Income: $117,481

State: Virginia

falls church city location on US map

An independent city of the United States of America, Falls Church is the second richest county. With a small population and employers like Public Schools, Inova Hospital and Kaiser Permanente. It is home to the headquarters of fortune 500 companies like Computer Sciences Corporation, General Dynamics and Northrop Grumman.

#1) Loudon – Richest County in America

Income: $119,525

State: Virginia

richest county in USA is Loudoun

Situated in the Commonwealth of Virginia, according to the US Census Bureau, Loudon ranks first in terms of highest income of households. Of all the American countries, it is a neighbor to the fourth ranked Fairfax. It has been named after an eighteenth century Earl of Loudoun, John Campbell who was a veteran of the Seven Years War.

Source of information on this article of Techscio: The information on this page has been put by considering the data provided by United States Census Bureau’s Small Area Income and Poverty Estimates. This data was published by popular financial Forbes Magazine. Check the top 5, top 20, top 50 or top 100 richest counties of America at Forbes. It was published on Forbes in the year 2013.