Richest Family in the World – Wealthiest Families on Earth

Which is the richest family in the world? Which is the world’s richest family? Can you tell me few wealthiest families on Earth? Who are the world’s richest siblings? If these questions come to your mind then this article will answer them all. After extensive research from authentic and reliable sources, we present you the names of top ranking billionaire families around the world. These names include Walton, Koch, Mars, Quandt,  Albrecht, Ambani and Ruia.

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Walton Family – The Richest Family in the World and Richest Family in America

Being world’s richest family, Walton family derives its major chunk of wealth from Walmart. It ranks #1 in terms of net worth among all families of the world. It consists of six members. Those six members of Walton family and their net worth are:

  1. Christy – $25.3 B – Richest Woman in the World
  2. Jim aka James Carr – $23.7 B
  3. Alice – $23.3 B
  4. Samuel Robson – $23.1 B
  5. Ann – $3.9 B
  6. Nancy – $3.4 B

All of the persons reside in United States of America. Hence, they form the richest family in America as well. After them comes the Koch family represented by brothers Charles and David.

walton family chart techscio

christy walton - wealthiest member of richest family in the world

Christy Walton


jim walton belongs to wealthiest family of planet Earth

Jim Walton



alice walton one of the world's richest woman




rob walton of walmart - one of the richest americans

Samuel Robson

ann walton kroenke belongs to richest family in the world



nancy walton daughter of bud walton of walmart


You can check their net worth anytime here on Forbes.

In the above list, ‘B’ stands for Billions. Six people mentioned above are directly or indirectly related to Sam Walton who founded Walmart. Sam had another younger brother James also known as Bud Walton. Some sources say that both brothers co-founded Walmart while some go on to say that the elder one founded it and Bud joined it later. Bud Walton owned lesser shares in the company as compared to his brother.

Whatever the story may be, both owned stocks of Walmart. After their death, their children inherited the stocks. (check How the stock market Works) Of the above mentioned six members, Ann and Nancy are daughters of Bud Walton. Jim, Alice and Samuel Robson are children of Sam. Christy is daughter-in-law of Sam Walton and widow of John.  You may ask ‘What is net worth of Walton Family?’. Your answer lies below with calculation.

Total net worth of Walton family is 25.3 + 23.7 +23.3 +23.1 +3.9 +3.4 = $102.7 Billions

Combined fortune of this family stands at massive hundred and two billion US Dollars. This is the only centi-billionaire family in the world today and maybe ever. Together it owns 48% stocks of Walmart and this makes them largest share holder and decision maker. According to Business Insider, this family own as much money as the bottom one third of America. (ref)

Koch Brothers – Second Richest Family on Earth and in America

After Waltons, comes the Koch Brothers which consists of Charles, David and Bill. In fact, there is another one called Frederick but he is not involved in any kind of business. He is not on Forbes billionaires and his net worth is also not known. Whereas other three find a place in Forbes 400. Charles Koch and David Koch are jointly fifth richest Americans.

  • Charles and David – Net Worth – $25 Billion each
  • William Ingraham or Bill Koch – Net Worth – $4 Billion
charles koch of one of the Koch Brothers

Charles Koch


david koch

David Koch

Total net Worth of Koch Brothers = 25+25+4 = $54 Billion

This is nearly half of Walton family’s net worth. A whopping fifty four billion US Dollars makes Koch brothers second richest family in the world and also in America. Source of income for Charles and David is Koch Industries. On the other hand, Bill is not at all involved with his brothers. His fortune of $4 Billions comes from Oxbow Carbon. (ref)

Initially, Frederick and Bill owned stakes in Koch Industries. However, a tussle with other two led brothers led to a legal battle. The legal battle ended with Charles and David buying stakes of Fredrick and Bill for $1.3 Billion in the year 1983. (ref)

Note: In making the list, we have taken ‘net worth’ as a yardstick. While making the list, we faced a big question of which people to consider in a family. Finally, we considered only father-son and siblings as a family  Thus, we have not considered those persons as one-family who have common grand-father or great-grand father, while compiling this list of richest families. You can learn more about the wealthiest families on Forbes.

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