Top 10 Richest Presidents of USA Ever in History

Have you ever given a thought to the richest presidents and wondered how much money do they really have? For example, the current President of the United States is Barack Obama and while he has amassed a wealth of several millions of dollars, he’s not even close to some of the other world leaders. Among presidents, the net worth has a wide variance.

In today’s dollars, the estate of George Washington was worth as much as half a billion dollars. Although, there were other presidents who did in fact fall into bankruptcy. The economy of the times is typically what leads to the fortunes of American presidents. It is due to the changes in the economy that has brought about the change in the ways that presidents themselves make their money.

#1 President George Washington – The Richest President of USA

Net Worth: $500 million

#1 President George Washington -  $500 million

Not only was he considered as the father of the U.S. he owned a chunk of it as well. Washington was known for his shrewd judgment when it came to business. Additionally, he wed a widow who was quite wealthy in her own right and this gave him the opportunity to collect a fortune that was quite considerable, as well as ownership of slaves in the hundreds. When the lists come out of the county’s top 100 richest persons ever he is the only president that is sometimes listed.

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When he was a young man, his hair was red. Through the years a common myth that has been perpetuated is the he often wore wigs because that at the time was the “in fashion”. However, instead he powdered his hair and it has been reflected in many portraits. He was also known for having an incredible strength physically. Younger men were amazed by him and Thomas Jefferson referred to him of the best of his age as a horseman. Riding horses was one of his favorite hobbies.

#2 John F. Kennedy

Net Worth: $300 million

One of the Richest Presidents of USA -  John F. Kennedy $300 million

In the U.S., he was the 35th President. As a member of the party of the Democrats, he took the office of President in January of 1961 on the 20th Day. Prior to becoming president, he was the US Senator from Massachusetts. His wife was Jacqueline Lee Bouvier, they married in 1953.


Kennedy in Brief – One of the Richest Presidents

10 years after their marriage in 1963 at only 46 years old, he was assassinated. His death has been shrouded in controversy and mystery since the day it occurred. Serving in the White House as President, he was the only practicing Roman Catholic to assume this role as well as being the only one to ever hold a Pulitzer Prize.

The Kennedy family was shrouded in controversy and rumor. It is said that the late president had a long term affair with Hollywood actress Marilyn Monroe. Arlington National Cemetery is where he was laid to rest, and he is joined there in interment by his wife, Jacqueline, his two youngest children, and his brothers Robert and Edward Kennedy.

#3 Thomas Jefferson

Net Worth: $212 million

#3 Thomas Jefferson: $212 million

He had a 5,000 acre plantation in Virginia that made up the majority of his wealth, and he also had political jobs that he earned a great deal from before became president. He was born in 1743 and is known to be a very powerful liberty advocate of his time.

He married a widow, MarthWayles Skelton and she lived in Monticello, Jefferson’s unfinished mountaintop home. He was sandy-haired and full of freckles, awkward, and quite tall. He wasn’t at all good at speaking in public, but as a correspondent he was quite eloquent. His silent membership in Congress at the age of 33, led him to draft the Declaration of Independence. He is most notably known, as well for a bill that established religious freedom in 1786.

After his retirement from public office, he moved to his home in Monticello and began his grand designs for Virginia’s University. On July 4th, in the year of 1826, he died.

#4 Theodore Roosevelt

Net Worth: $125 million

#4 Theodore Roosevelt : $125 million
Another famous Richest US President in History

Known to many as “Teddy” Roosevelt came into office after President McKinley was assassinated. Taking office just before turning 43 years old, he was the youngest President in the history of the nation. As he took office, he brought with him a new power and excitement to guide his presidency along. He maintained a strong foreign policy, and he led Congress with a vigor and vitality, and continued to lead the American public in a forward motion toward the most progressive of reforms.

He saw himself not only as President of the United States, but also as a steward of the people. He believed in taking whatever actions that were necessary for the good of the public, unless it was, however an act specifically forbidden by way of law or the Constitution itself. It was his youth that set him apart from the Presidents of the log cabin. In the year 1858, he was born into a family of great wealth and privilege.

He did, however, struggle with health issues, but he was able to overcome and go on to leading a strenuous life. Onward in 1884, he lost his mother and his wife on the same day. The next two years, he stayed on his ranch located in the Dakota Territory of the Badlands. It was there he was able to become the master of his own sorrow while living in his saddle driving along cattle. He remarried in 1886 to Edith Carow.

#5 Andrew Jackson

Net Worth: $125 million

#5 Andrew Jackson: $125 million

He was the one president who was elected by the popular vote nearly than any of his predecessors had before. He wanted to represent the common man and as president became their direct representative. It was in 1767 located in a settlement in the Carolinas backwoods where he was born.

His education was very spotty and sporadic and it wasn’t until he hit his late teens that he took up reading for about two years. He went on to become quite the outstanding lawyer while living in Tennessee. He was a fiercely jealous man and he often engaged in brawls and duels. It was in a duel he once killed a man who spat an unjustified slur to Rachel his wife. His income had prospered so that he was able to build a mansion and buy slaves.

It was called the Hermitage located in Nashville, Tennessee. As major general during the 1812 War, he was a national hero as he defeated the British in New Orleans.

#6 James Madison

Net Worth: $100 million

#6 James Madison: $100 million

He was brought up in Orange County, Virginia and born in 1751. He attended the College of New Jersey, which today is known as Princeton. His focus as a student was government and history and he was very well-read when it came to the law. The framing of the Virginia Constitution was something he participated in first hand.

He was also the leader of the Virginia Assembly and he served in the Continental Congress. At just the mere age of 36, he was often found taking a frequent and emphatic part in debates that occurred at the Constitutional Convention that was assembled at Philadelphia. Along with John Jay and Alexander Hamilton, he was able to make a very important contribution to ratify the Constitution through the Federalist essay.

Later, when there were those who called him the “Father of the Constitution, ” he would protest and tell them it was not something completed by a single brain, but a work that had “many hands and many heads”. He was considered to be small of stature with an appearance that was old and worn at his inauguration. But no matter how deficient he was in his charm, his wife Dolley, who was a very buxom woman, made up with it with her gaiety and warmth. She was considered to be the toast of all Washington.

#7 Lyndon B. Johnson

Net Worth: $100 million

#7 Lyndon B. Johnson: $100 million

Sworn into office under grave circumstances, Lyndon B. Johnson became President of the United States after the assassination of President John F. Kennedy. His vision was for having a “Great Society” for all of the American people and fellow men who lived elsewhere. During his time in office, he was able to obtain and have passed a very extensive legislative program in any of the history of our great nation.

August 27, 1908 is when he was born not too far from Johnson City, Texas that his family was able to help settle. As he grew up, his family was pinched by rural poverty. To get his education at Southwest Texas State Teachers College, which today is known as Texas State University-San Marcos he worked all the way through. It was his childhood where he learned a true compassion for others and during his tenure as a teacher of students who were of Mexican descent.

#8 Bill Clinton a Presidency surrounded in controversy!

Net Worth: $100 million

#8 Bill Clinton a Presidency surrounded in controversy! : $100 million

The United States, more than any other time in history did in fact enjoy more economic well-being and peace during the Presidential administration of Bill Clinton. His first day in office, he had a net worth of approximately $700k. After he re-entered private life, from speaking engagements alone, he amassed $100 million, and he has made a small fortune from book sales.

As a Democrat, he has been the first President since Franklin Roosevelt to win his second term in office. During his term in office, he was able to propose the first balanced budget and he also achieved a surplus in the budget. In many places crime rates dropped, welfare rolls were reduced, the lowest inflation rate in 30 years was achieved, and during this time the highest home ownership occurred.

He was only the second of U.S. Presidents in history to have the House of Representatives impeach him. This was as a result of issues related to supposed personal indiscretions with a female White House intern. The Senate tried him and he was found not guilty of any of the charges that had been brought forward. He did apologize to the nation and amazingly enough, he maintained an unprecedented popularity and approval rating for his position as president.

#9 Herbert Hoover

Net Worth:  $75 million

#9 Herbert Hoover:  $75 million

Even though he was the son of a blacksmith Quaker, Herbert Hoover was born in 1874 in a small Iowa village, he had a reputation during his presidency that was unparalleled in public service as an engineer, humanitarian, and an engineer. In 1891, at the opening of Stanford University, he enrolled and later graduated as a mining engineer. Today his net worth would be around $75 million dollars as he made quite a bit of money in the industry of mining and he owned real estate valued in the millions as well.

Lou Henry, his sweetheart from Stanford later became his wife and traveled with him to China, where he worked as a leading engineer for a private China corporation. During the Boxer Rebellion, the settlement they lived in was under fire heavily. His wife worked in the hospital, and he directed barricade building and at one time risked his life in the rescue of Chinese children.

#10 Franklin Delano Roosevelt

Net Worth: $60 million

#10 Franklin Delano Roosevelt : $60 million

During the time of the Great Depression, he assumed the presidency. He inherited millions and owned plenty of acreage of an East Coast real estate.  As president, he helped the nation regain a once lost faith in themselves and he brought hope to the forefront of his administration.

With it, he promised vigorous and prompt action. Hyde Park in New York, which today was a national historic site is where he was born in 1882. He studied at Harvard University and Law School at Columbia. He married his wife Eleanor in 1905 on St. Patrick’s Day. At age 39, during the 1921 summer he was stricken with poliomyelitis.

He fought with indomitable courage to regain the use of his legs with swimming. With four terms of the president and the ending of the war on Pearl Harbor, his health continued to deteriorate. It was in Warm Springs, Georgia, he died of a cerebral hemorrhage on April 12th, 1945.

American presidents and the fortunes they amassed are linked to the economy within the eras that they lived in. After the election of Washington and for the following 75 years, a president generated income on money made from the land they owned, crops, and speculation of commodities. Due to poor crop yields, one could lose literally all of the hundreds or thousands of acres they owned. Occasionally, money was lost by wealthy Americans in the speculation of land which was a leverage of one piece of land for the purchase of additional property. It is true that being the United States President is one of the greatest jobs to have. Not only is it a position that is one of the most powerful in the country, but there are many perks like a hefty salary of $400,000 annually and access to Camp David, the White House, and Air Force One.