Richest Woman in Australia – Top Female Billionaires

Who is the Australia’s richest woman? This article presents the name of the richest woman in Australia for the year 2013. In addition to it, also see the list of other wealthiest ladies from the continent of Australia. The source of this list is BRW Magazine as well as Forbes Magazine.

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#1) Gina Rinehart – Richest Woman in Australia with a fortune of $17 Billions

richest woman in australia is gina rinehart

Being one of the wealthiest ladies on Earth, Gina Rinehart is a mining tycoon or what we say sometimes “mining magnate”. She is the owner of a company named Hancock Prospecting. She was born to father Lang Hancock and mother Margaret Nicholas. Her company was founded by her father in the year 1955.  The company is involved in exploration and mining of minerals in the country of Australia. It is valued in billions of dollars and this makes owner Gina Rinehart the richest woman in Australia. (ref)

She ranks #1 on the list of wealthiest people in Australia and thus has more wealth than any other man or woman in her country. According to Forbes, her fortune is estimated to be around seventeen billions US Dollars. In the fresh list of billionaires around the world, only 22 persons from mainland Australia make it to the list and Gina Rinehart is one of them. Of all the 22, she is the only woman billionaire. She is also one of the most powerful women on Earth.

In the year 2012, Business Review Weekly magazine named her as the richest female in the world. A title which she lost to Christy Walton from United States of America last in the year. In year 2013, Liliane Bettencourt surpassed all others to be ranked #1 on the list.

Gina Rinehart’s company owns the leases of land in the Pilbara region which contains the largest deposit of iron ore in the world. The Pilbara is located in Western Australia. This richest Australian woman was involved in a feud with her 3 of 4 children. After the feud, she fired them from her trust which largely controls her wealth. Her youngest daughter sided with her.

Miss Gina was in much controversy last year for her article on lowering minimum wages $606.40 per week. In the same article, she asked for reduction in taxation in order to boost employment. This Australian billionaire woman also urged the workers to cut down on drinking, smoking and socializing.  (ref)

#2) Angela Bennett – $900 Million

She is Australia’s second richest woman with her net worth of around nine hundred million dollars and she is second to Miss Rinehart. Like Gina, Angela Bennett is also a mining magnate and thus sometimes she is referred in the newspapers as ‘mining billionaire’.  She earns money from her company Wright Prospecting which was founded by her father Peter Wright. Her father was also a partner of Lang Hancock, whose daughter is the richest lady on this list. Rank #1 and #2 persons derive their wealth from iron ore deposits of the Pilbara.

Last year Miss Angela was involved in a legal tussle with Miss Gina over ownership of the Hope Downs iron ore mine in the Pilbara, Western Australia. Miss Bennett alleged that Gina’s company took commercial decisions in Hope Downs without consulting her as she is the joint-owner. (ref)

Her mansion in Perth was sold in December 2009 for a record price of $57.5 millions. It was sold to another mining magnate Chris Ellison. (ref)

#3) Vicky Teoh – $390 Million

Her husband David Teoh finds a place in Australia’s 50 Richest by Forbes. Her company SP Telemedia is listed on the stock exchange. And it is one of the largest supplier of mobile and telephone service in Australia. Along with her husband, this third richest woman in Australia started TPG Telecom in 1986 which in recent years acquired many small firms. An increase in share price of her firm has led to a boom in her wealth and made her the third richest on this list.