Richest Woman in the World – Top 10 Female Billionaire List 2014

Who is the richest woman in the world? Here, we present the list of  top 10 richest women in the world for the year 2014. This list of rich women contains details of net worth, source of wealth and a brief biography. Also, world’s richest women are from different countries and the basis of the list is data from Forbes magazine. Some of them have their wealth inherited while some of them have made their wealth themselves. Let us see the top ten ladies who have more money on planet Earth than any other women according to their ranking by Forbes magazine.

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#1) Christy Walton – $36.7 B – Richest Woman in the World 2014

2) christy walton richest woman in america - USA

Christy Walton ranks #09 in the list of richest people in the world. (Source) She is the widow of John Walton. Her father-in-law was Sam Walton, who is the founder of largest retailing chain Wal-Mart. Currently, she resides in the United States, which is also her birthplace. Her major chunk of net worth is because of stocks in Wal-mart and in the First Solar Company. Her wealth is inherited and not self-made. She is also the wealthiest woman billionaire in the United States of America. Her net worth stands at $28.2 Billions and she resides in Jackson, Wyoming in USA!

#2) Liliane Bettencourt – $34.5 Billion- Richest Woman in France

1) liliane bettencourt richest woman in the world - France and Europe

Being the second, Liliane Bettencourt is also the wealthiest female in  all European countries. She is also the  richest person in France after overtaking billionaire Bernard Arnault in the month of March 2013. She is the principal shareholder in the largest cosmetics company L’Oreal. L’oreal was founded by her father and she is the only daughter. She inherited stocks after her father’s death. Some months ago, Liliane Bettencourt was in the news for having sold her island Paradise in Seychelles for around $60 million. This gave her profits of $42 million. (Source)

#3) Alice Walton – $34.3 Billion

3) third richest woman on Earth

Sister-in-law of Christy Walton and the only daughter of Wal-Mart founder Sam Walton, Alice’s net worth stands at whopping Thirty Four Billion US Dollars. She was born in Arkansas and  is a citizen of the United States. She resides in Fort Worth, Texas in USA. She is one of the members of Walton family. She inherited her wealth from her father late Sam Walton. Her major source of income is through Wal-Mart. She was also recognized by Times Magazine as one of the most influential people in the world. (Source)

#4)  Jaqueline Mars – $20 B – From United States

6) jacqueline mars one of the richest women in the world

Daughter of Forrest Edwards Mars Sr. , Jaqueline Mars belongs to one of the richest family in the world i.e. Mars Family. Her family is next to Walton Family and Koch Family in terms of wealth. She resides in The Plains, Virginia, United States of America. Her business is on manufacturing and selling candies. Her company is the largest candy maker. Regarded as one of the famous investors in the world, the much famed Warren Buffet holds undisclosed ownership in her company. (ref)

#5) Gina Rinehart – $17.7 B

5) gina rinehart richest woman in australia

The richest person in the country of Australia, Gina Rinehart ranks fifth in this list. She is the daughter of late Lang Hancock, who was a mining tycoon. She inherited the business from her father and took it to new heights which is reflected in her net worth. According to Forbes, her net worth stands at twenty Billion US Dollars. Her major source of wealth is from mining and hence she is sometimes also called as ‘Mining Billionaire’. She also ranks consistently in the list of most powerful women in the world. She has been involved in much controversy over her wealth and had legal court cases wither her children. (Ref)

#6) Susanne Klatten – $17.4 B – Richest Woman in Germany

7) wealthiest female in Germany

Daughter of Herbert Quandt, Susanne Klatten was born in Bad Homburg in Germany. She is a citizen of Germany and resides in that country. She also occupies a place in Forbes German Billionaires. She inherited her father’s wealth along with her brother Stefan Quandt. She owns stakes in popular car manufacturer BMW and in pharmaceutical company Altana. A much famous investigation was launched over claims of her father’s close friendship with Nazi Germany’s Adolf Hitler.(ref)

#7) Abigail Johnson – $17.3 B – Fidelity Investments

8) abigail johnson tenth richest woman billionare america

American businesswoman and President of Fidelity Investments, Abigail Johnson is the seventh in this top 10 rankings. She is the daughter of Edward Johnson III, who is also an American billionaire. As per Forbes Magazine, she ranks consistently in the list of richest people in the USA and occupies a position  in Forbes billionaires. She is also the most powerful woman in the global fund management business (Source). She is an alumnus of Harvard University and has been named as one of  the most powerful women in the world. (ref) In August 2012, her father promoted her to the post of President of Fidelity Financial Services. Her father has been one of very close friends of much famed money manager Peter Lynch. (ref)

#8) Anne Cox Chambers – $15.5 B

10) anne cox chambers of cox chambers

Born on 1st December, 1919, aged 93, Anne Cox is the oldest  richest woman in the world on this list. Her father was once a Democratic Presidential Candidate in US Elections of year 1920. She is the primary owner of Cox Enterprises. Cox Enterprises was founded by her father, James Middleton Cox after taking over a newspaper named Dayton Evening News. She was once a US ambassador to Belgium under the government of Jimmy Carter from 1977-1981.  (Ref 1 & ref 2.  )

#9) Laurene Powell Jobs

Net Worth: $14 Billion

Laurene Powell Jobs


Laurene is the wife of late inventor Steve Jobs. She inherited all the stakes of jobs in Apple, Pixar, Disney and many other small firms. She met the much-famed Apple co-founder in a college and later went on a dinner with her.

#10) Johanna Quandt

Net Worth: $12.8 Billion

Johanna Quandt

 Miuccia Prada – $11.1 B – Richest Woman in Italy

As per the latest data, Miuccia Prada is the third richest person in Italy. Born in the second – largest city of Milan, Italy, she took over the reins of fashion company Prada from her mother.  On list of most powerful women, she ranks #67. Her academic degrees and qualifications are unmatchable with any other woman in this list.  She holds a Doctorate in Pedagogical Sciences from University of Milan. (ref)

Birgit Rausing – $14 B – Richest Woman in Sweden

Birgit Rausing richest woman in sweden

Born in a village in Southern Sweden, Birgit Rausing ranks second in the country of Sweden in terms of wealth. She inherited wealth from her husband after his death. She is an active philanthropist and resides in Vaud, Switzerland. She is a citizen of Sweden and occupies the second spot in list of Sweden’s Billionaires. She is the owner of Tetra Laval which is a privately-held company. (ref)

 Note: This information is based according to the data provided by Forbes. Also, this information keeps on changing yearly. Hence, for fresh list, Visit Forbes. will try its best to reflect the changes made by Forbes.

Iris Fontbona – $17.4 B – Richest Person and Woman in Chile

4) iris fontbona richest female in chile

Inheriting wealth from her husband, Iris Fontbona ranks first in the country of Chile in terms of net worth. She finds a spot in the list of Forbes Billionaires. She, along with her family, controls Antofagasta, which is one of the largest copper mines on planet Earth. She also controls , through holding company Quinenco, the country’s second-largest bank (Banco de Chile), largest brewer (CCU) and the biggest shipping company in Latin America (CSAV). (ref)