Russian Billionaire – List of Richest Men in Russia

The article presents the list of top 10 Russian billionaires with their net worth as estimated by Forbes Magazine in the year 2014. In the world, the total number of billionaires (in US Dollar) is 1426 of which 442 billionaires are from USA. On the other hand, the total number of  billionaires in Russia is 111. In short, of total world’s billionaires, 7.78% are Russians, which is second only to the United States. Russia is a country which has deposits of metals and sources of energy in abundance. Hence, there is no surprise that most of the richest Russians have made their fortune in businesses of metals, oil, gas, coal and mining.

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#1) Russian Billionaire – Alisher Usmanov

Net Worth: $17.6 billion , self-made

Source: telecom, Steel and investments

Alisher Usmanov - richest man in Russia

Of all the billionaires in Russia, Alisher Usmanov is the richest man in the year 2014. In the year 2009, his net worth was only $1.6 billion, which has seen gigantic increase thanks to his successful investments and a rise in stock prices of his companies. His majority of wealth comes from a company named Metalloinvest which specializes in mining and steel production. Apart from Metalloinvest, this billionaire owns stakes in several companies ranging from technology-start-ups to newspapers and cell phone operators. Elsewhere Usmanov is a big Arsenal fan. He, along with his business partner Farhad Moshiri has purchases largest stake in Arsenal, which is managed through Red and White Holdings. He is an alumnus of Moscow Institute of International Relations. (ref)

#2) Mikhail Fridman – Russian Jewish Billionaire

Net Worth: $16.5 billion , self-made

Source: Oil, Banking and Telecom

Mikhail Fridman - Russian Jewish Billionaire

The richest Jewish billionaire in Russia and one of the richest people in the world, Mikhail Fridman’s fortune is self-made. Fridman derives his wealth from the Alfa Group Consortium, which he founded with college friends German Khan and Alexei Kuzmichev. Alfa Group is privately owned by these 3 men who are all rich men of Russia. It is an investment company with stakes in several other companies in Russia. Mikhail Fridman also sits on the Board of Directors on Alfa Bank. He has sold his stakes in oil company TNK-BP and this deal is reported to earn him around $5.1 billions. With his net worth, he qualifies to be the second richest man in Russia and also the richest Jew in Russia. He is an alumnus of Moscow Institute of Steels and Alloys. (ref)

#3) Leonid Mikhelson – Third Richest Man in Russia

Net Worth: $15.4 billion

Source: Gas and Chemicals

Leonid Mikhelson - one of the Russian Billionaires

Leonid Mikhelson owns stakes in energy sector companies. This billionaire is the CEO of OAO Novatek which was founded by him in the year 1994. Novatek is the second largest gas producer in the nation of Russia and also one of the largest in the world. His wealth is because of his stakes worth billions in Novatek, SIBUR and First United Bank. Leonid Mikhelson cashed in $1 billion when he sold his shares in Novatek to Gazprom. He graduated from Kuybyshev Engineering and Construction Institute.

#4) Viktor Vekselberg

Net Worth: $15.1 billions

Source: Oil and Metals

Viktor Vekselberg one of the richest Jews

Viktor Vekselberg is another Jewish billionaire in this list. He is the second richest Jew in Russia. Vekselberg is founder and President of Renova Group. He owns the Group privately and it is involved in the ownership of several oil, gas and metal companies. The Renova Group owns stakes in international companies like UC Rusal, Integrated Energy Systems, Oerlikon and Sulzer. Billionaire Mikhelson owns several assets in billions spread over many countries across the globe. He also owns significant shares in UC Rusal which is the largest aluminium producer in the world. His net worth makes him one of the richest people in Russia.

#5) Vagit Alekperov

Net Worth: $14.8 billion

Source: Lukoil

Vagit Alekperov another rich billionaire

Vagit Alekperov is another Russian businessman who derives his wealth from the oil industry. He is the President of Lukoil, which is the second largest oil producing company in Russia. An estimated 21% stake in Lukoil is owned by Alekperov which puts his net worth in the billions of Dollars. Under Mikhail Gorbachev, he was the vice-minister of energy in the Soviet Union. This rich man was born in Baku, Azerbaijan to a Muslim father and Russian Orthodox Christian mother. Under his leadership, Lukoil became one of the largest oil companies in the world.

#6) Andrey Melnichenko

Net Worth: $14.4 billion

Source: Coal and Fertilizers

Andrey Melnichenko

On the list of top 10, Andrey Menichenko is the youngest. In March 2009, his net worth dropped to $1 billion, which soon recovered after increase in stock prices of his companies. Melnichenko was born in Gomel, Belarus and studied from the Plekhanov Russian Academy. His fortune of billions is because of his stakes in billion dollar companies like Eurochem, TMK, MDM Bank and SUEK. Eurochem is a mineral fertilizer company while SUEK is a coal producing company. And TMK is, according to its official website, Russia’s largest manufacturer and exporter of steel pipes and ranks among the global top three pipe producers. He also owns a luxury yacht named “A” which reportedly cost him around $350 million. However, it is second to Russian billionaire Roman Abrahamovich’s $1 billion yacht

#7) Vladimir Potanin

Net Worth: $14.3 billion

Source: Metals

Vladimir Potanin

Vladimir Potanin is another successful billionaire entrepreneur from Russia. As per the fresh Forbes billionaire list, he is the seventh richest Russian with a fortune of $14.3 billion. Potanin holds stakes in several metal companies including Norilsk Nickel. He controls his investments in various business sectors through his private company Interros. He was born in Moscow in the year 1961. His father worked for Russian Ministry of Foreign Trade and this made him travel a lot during childhood. This rich Russian man is a stakeholder in Rosbank, which is Russia’s largest private bank, 100% of Profmedia which owns TV, radio and internet assets, including Rambler Media, Afisha magazine and MTV Russia and 40% in a real estate firm named Open Investments. He graduated from Moscow Institute of International Relations and planned to become a minister, but business was his calling. (ref)

#8) Vladimir Lisin

Net Worth: $14.1 Billion

Source: Steel and Transport

Vladimir Lisin

In the past, he held the title of ‘richest man in Russia’ which he soon lost due to the reduction in value of his wealth. However, he continues to find a place in top 10 richest Russian people list. He is known as ‘steel magnate’ in his country. He holds stake in Novolipetsk Steel and has built one of the largest shooting complexes in Russia. He is a metallurgical engineer and holds the degree of Doctorate from Russian Academy of Economics. He is one of the richest engineers in Russia. His academic qualifications are unmatchable with fellow billionaires.

#8) Gennady Timchenko

Net Worth: $14.1 billions

Source: Oil & Gas

Gennady Timchenko

Russian Billionaire Gennady Timchenko

Holding the eighth spot on this top 10 list with Valdimir Lisin, Gennady Timchenko is another self-made billionaire from the country of Russia. He is the co-owner of Gunvor Group Limited which trades in commodities. He is also known for his close ties to Russian President Vladimir Putin. He has graduated from the Leningrad Mechanical Institute. He is also a primary shareholder of Volga Group, which is a private investment company.

#10) Mikhail Prokhorov

Net Worth: $13 Billions

Source: Investments

mikhail prokhorov - one of the richest people in russia

Another rich Jew from Russian and one of the Jewish billionaires, Mikhail Prokhorov ran unsuccessfully for Russian Presidency. He also formed a new party named Civic Party. This billionaire sold of his stakes in Polyus Gold and cashed in $3.6 billion. (ref)

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