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In this Terms and Conditions for Techscio.com, words like “we”, “us” or “our” refers to Techscio.com. Please read the following page  carefully as it states the Terms and Conditions. If you do not accept it then we request you to exit this site and you are not authorized to use our website. Also, by using our site, you agree to be bound by the Terms and Conditions.

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Use of Content on Techscio

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Without obtaining any prior permissions, you cannot reproduce, modify, distribute and display the content on this site at any other place which is virtual or real. It is strictly prohibited. In case if you use without prior permission from us then you are liable for the penalties.


Links to other Websites

On this site, we may link to other sites which may or may not be related to us in anyway. By linking them, we do not endorse them or in anyway promote them. We do not take any responsibility for content on the linked sites. Also, we do not take any guarantee of accuracy of information on linked sites. We are not liable for inaccurate details on linked sites.

If you decide to visit those sites then you do it at your own risk. Also, they may be operated by different Terms and Conditions.

Linking to Techscio

You may link to us from your websites but subject to below conditions. You should not link us

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If you do so then you are liable for all types of legal penalty. You should not links us from a bad neighborhood. Your linking should not damage our reputation in any way.


You are solely responsible for any comments which you make on this site.  By commenting on Techscio, you agree that content in comments will not:
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  2. Contain abusive, derogatory or racist remarks.

Site Availability

We have the right to run this site and we may close this site without any prior information or notice. We do account for any liability in case if this site is unavailable. Also, at any point of time, we may decide to ban particular IP’s or visitors from a particular country. In doing so, we are not accountable to anyone.


This agreement of Terms and Condtions between you and us is effective once you visit  Techscio. If you wish to terminate the agreement at any time then you can do so by exiting the website.  At anytime, we may also terminate the agreement and deny you usage of our site.

If you read the whole page then we Thank You for reading this boring content. Even we don’t like to read it!