Poorest Country in the World – Top 10 List of Nations from Africa

The article is about the poorest country in the world and it also lists the name of other world’s poorest countries. There are many rich nations in the world which are well-developed and industrialized. On the other hand, there are poor countries which are highly underdeveloped and poverty-stricken since centuries. All of these top ten poorest countries are from the continent of Africa.

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Top 10 Poorest African Countries- 2013 List


Name of Country

Per Capita Income


Central African Republic


Source: Global Finance Magazine.

#1) Democratic Republic of Congo – The Poorest Country in the World

GDP (PPP) per Capita: $364.48

Capital: Kinshasa

the poorest country in the world - congo

Lying in the center of Africa, citizens of the Democratic Republic of Congo are the poorest in the world. Its GDP is around $15 Billion and when compared to its 67 million inhabitants, its per capita income is the lowest in the world. The economy of this poorest country depends mainly on agriculture. Agriculture contributes nearly 65% to its output and employs more than half of the labor force. According to some estimates, this world’s poorest country has some of the largest deposits of minerals which amount to $24 trillions. Second Congo War since 1998 has devastated the country and has hampered its growth.

#2) Liberia – Second Poorest Country on Earth

GDP (PPP) per Capita: $490.41

Capital: Monrovia

liberian flag

With a population around 4 million, Liberia is one of the few countries in Africa where English is the official language. It is the  world’s second poorest country in 2013 with its GDP around $2 billion. Very small GDP when compared to its population, make Liberia one of the poorest countries. This African nation has been plagued with civil wars which has destroyed its infrastructure. It relies on Forests products, minerals and agriculture for revenues.

#3) Zimbabwe

GDP (PPP) per Capita: $516.47

Capital: Harare

zimbabwe city of harare

High population and a very low GDP make Zimbabwe the third poorest country not only in Africa but also in the world. This poor African country was once affected by hyper-inflation due to its faulty economic policies. Located in Southern Africa, its involvement in Congo Wars drained million dollars of the government’s money.

#4) Burundi – One of the World’s Poorest Countries

GDP (PPP) per Capita: $639.51

Capital: Bujumbura

Burundi poor people - one of the poorest in the world

Another poor country, Burundi is a landlocked country located in the African continent. It is fourth poorest country in the world. Its economy is heavily dependent on agriculture and tea-coffee exports contribute to its small wealth. This poverty-stricken nation is home to significant deposits of Cobalt and Copper.

#5) Eritrea

GDP (PPP) per Capita: $776.98

Capital: Asmara

Eritrean people - another poorest country

Sharing its borders with Sudan and Ethiopia, Eritrea is an agricultural country. The majority of its population does farming related activities. This world’s poorest country has a poor transport network along with a short supply of electricity.  It shares its sea borders with Saudi Arabia and Yemen.

#6) Central African Republic

GDP (PPP) per Capita: $789.21

Capital: Bangui

central african republic worlds poorest country

Central African Republic (CAR) is another moneyless nation on Earth. It occupies the sixth spot on the list of top 10 poorest countries. Like other poor African countries, agriculture is the backbone of this country’s economy. It relies on foreign aid from international community especially from France. In the year 2012, the World Bank issued $125 million for development of the transport network and regional trade.

#7) Niger

GDP (PPP) per Capita: $863.46

Capital: Niamey

niger houses of people

Lying seventh on the list of the poorest countries is Niger. Its per capita income is marginally greater than Malawi. It lies on the continent of Africa. It is plagued with problems of poor sanitation and shortage of basic amenities. In contrast to its poverty, this nation is home to some of the largest deposits of Uranium in the world. According to the CIA, agriculture provides livelihood to about 90% of its citizens.

#8) Malawi – One of the World’s Poorest Country

GDP (PPP) per Capita: $882.67

Capital: Lilongwe

A small country, Malawi has a small land area and comparatively big population. It is a landlocked country and highly densely populated. It is eight poorest nations on Earth. It has a high poverty rate, poor education rates, a weak legal system, a poor transportation network, overburdened utilities, and low administrative capacity.

#9) Togo

GDP (PPP) per Capita: $926.67

Capital: Lome

city in togo

Lying in Western Africa, Togo is officially known as Togolese Republic. It has a favorable climate for agriculture which supports the majority of its inhabitants. It relies on foreign aid from other countries and World Bank. On the list of to 10 World’s Poorest Countries, it ranks ninth.

#10) Madagascar – Tenth Poorest Nation

GDP (PPP) per Capita: $948.86

Capital: Antananarivo

developed areas of Madgascar

Lying in the Indian Ocean is the country of Madagascar. It is located near the South Easter African coast and it is an island. A poor country, it has a very low standard of living. Leaving the path of Socialism, it followed the guidelines of the World Bank and International Monetary Fund (IMF). In making it a privatized and liberalized country. Since then, it has recorded a slow economic growth.

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