Richest Cities in the US – Top 10 List of Wealthiest Towns

The article presents the name of top 10 richest cities in the US.  If question like ‘Which is the richest city in America?’ pops in the mind then this piece of content will provide an answer. We start this top 10 ranking from the tenth ranked Napa and will end on first placed city of Bridgeport. The source of this data is the US Census Bureau which has been linked at the end of the article.

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A table listing the names of the richest cities along with their rank for 2013

RankName of the CityPercentage of Household in Top 5% of National Distribution
 2 San Jose15.9
4 San Francisco13.0
 5 Trenton11.6
 6 New York10.0
 7 Oxnard 9.7
8 Boston 9.7
9 Boulder 9.4
 10 Napa 9.3

#10) Napa – One of the Richest Cities in the US

State: California

County: Napa County

Napa City - silverado Vineyards

One of the oldest cities in California state, Napa is the tenth ranked city on this list. According to its website, it was founded in the year 1847. In the past, it was famous for leather and large deposits of gold which resulted in immigration of several people in Napa City. This rich American city has an average income per household which is more than $65,000 and its median age of residents is slightly more than 36 years. (Source:

#9) Boulder

State: Colorado

County: Boulder County Seat

boulder city - chautauqua park

Incorporated in the year 1871, Boulder has 9.4% of its households in the top 5% of high-income households of the United States of America (USA). Its largest education center is the University of Colorado which serves to more than 7000 students. Its efforts in wildlife protection are remarkable and also enabled it to receive numerous awards. It is the ninth richest city in the US.

#8) Boston – One of the Richest Cities in the US

State: Massachusetts

museum of science

Being the capital and largest city of Massachusetts, Boston is the eight richest city in the United States. This place is also the 21st largest city in the US in terms of population. It was named after the city of the same name which is in Lincoln-shire, England. According to the recent census, its 54% residents are whites while around 25% are blacks and rest of Asian and aboriginal origins.

#7) Oxnard

State: California

oxnard - carnegie art museum

Oxnard is the third richest city in California and one of the wealthiest overall in the USA. Being one of the most populous cities, it was once home to Native Americans before the influx of colonizers from England. It is home to the Port of Hueneme and Channel Islands Harbor.

#6) New York City

State: New York

new york - one of the richest cities

This US city is of the same name as of the state in which it is situated. Hence, it is referred to as the City of New York in order to distinguish it from the State of New York. It is home to the much famous Statue of Liberty. Its estimated population of 8,336,697 makes it the most populous city in the US. It is also home to Empire State building which once stood as the tallest skyscraper in the world for decades. Its high per capita income makes it one of the richest cities in the US.

#5) Trenton

State: New Jersey

New York City - 8500 seater National Bank

Situated in the county of Mercer, Trenton is the capital of New Jersey. Based on the number of high income households, it is the fifth richest city in the US. It has a significant proportion of high income households in the top 5% of the national distribution. It was once a major manufacturing center for rubber, wires, ceramics and ******. This wealthy American city has a slogan on a bridge which reads: “Trenton Makes, The World Takes”.

#4) San Francisco

State: California

richest city of america - golden bridge in san francisco

In terms of population density, San Francisco is second to only New York City. It is the most densely populated city in the state of California. On the list of top 10 richest cities in the US, it ranks fifth. It is a primary banking and financial center in the United States. It’s also one of the most employment generating places in the country.

#3) Washington, DC

State: Not Part of any US State

washington monument

Commonly referred as Washington, it is not part of any of the states in the US. It is the capital of the United States of America and also the third wealthiest town. It is home to some of the famous points of interests like the White House, Washington Monument  Healy Hall and African American Civil War Memorial.

#2) San Jose

State: California

city of san jose

With its total number of residents little less than a million, San Jose is one of the most populated towns in America. Its per capita income and rich families make it the second richest city in the USA. It was once home to Native Americans and later populated by Spanish colonizers. Some of the important landmarks and also tourist attractions are Cathedral Basilica of St. Joseph, Plaza de César Chávez, Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Library and Mexican Heritage Plaza. Its richest city in California.

#1) Bridgeport – Richest City in America

State: Connecticut

Bridgeport - RIchest City in the US

With the total number of residents estimated to be 144,229 (US 2010 Census), Bridgeport is the most populous city in Connecticut. This richest and wealthiest city was one of the first to be industrialized in the mid-19th century. It is situated in the county of Fairfield. It was once an English colony.

On which factor this ranking is based?

The cities which occupy the top ten ranks on this list have been ranked according to the percentage of households of that city which occupy the top 5 percent of U.S households with high-income. Let us make it more simple. First data of all high-income households was gathered. Then out of them top 5 percent was taken. In it, then proportion of households from different cities was considered and then this list was made.

Note that the source of info on this page is the data gathered by the US Census Bureau which was published on February 2013. For top 20, top 50 or top 100 visit link.

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