Richest Man in Africa – List of All Billionaire African People

Who is the richest man in Africa? This is the frequently asked question by the people who reside in the African continent. Hence, this post presents the names of all billionaires in Africa along with their wealth, country of citizenship and money. According to Forbes, which ranks annually all richest people across the globe, a total of 18 people from Africa are billionaires. Of them, the wealthiest is Aliko Dangote from the country of Nigeria. Below table shows the names of all and after that you will find a little info about the rich men.

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List of Richest Men in Africa

Net Worth
(in Billion Dollars)
1Aliko Dangote16.1Nigeria
2Johann Rupert6.6South Africa
3Nassef Sawiris6.5Egypt
3Nicky Oppenheimer6.5South Africa
5Mike Adenuga4.7Nigeria
6Christoffel Wiese3.5South Africa
7Othman Benjelloun3.1Morocco
8Patrice Motsepe2.9South Africa
9Naguib Sawiris2.5Egypt
10Mohamed Mansour2.2Egypt
11Miloud Chaabi2.1Morocco
17Desmon Sacco1.5South Africa
18Stephen Saad1South Africa

Who are these rich men and what do they? From where did they make so much of money in Africa? How these people made their fortune in the African continent? To answer these questions, let us see a little biographical info about them.

Important Observation

If we see the list of richest men in Africa above then we find that of the 18, 6 billionaires are from Arab country of Egypt, six men from South Africa, three from the Arab nation of Morocco and 2 from Muslim countries of Nigeria while only one from Angola. And that one is a woman and that makes her the richest woman in Africa and the only African female billionaire.

#1) Aliko Dangote – The Richest Man in Africa

aliko dangote richest man in Africa

Not only he is the richest person but also Aliko Dangote is the richest in Nigeria. He has a fortune which has been estimated by the Forbes to be around $16 billions which is more than anyone in the African continent. Not even a single person on the continent has a wealth which is more than $10 billions let alone $16 billions. Aliko Dangote is the President and CEO of Dangote Group which is entirely owned by him. He controls his highly diversified businesses through the Dangote Group. Some of Dangote’s business includes Cement manufacturing, sugar refining and manufacturing of food products like pasta, noodles, etc. This black billionaire also has interests in real estate sector. Dangote has also invested billions of dollars for creation of the largest oil refinery in Nigeria and the whole of Africa. His subsidiary company Dangote Cements is the largest cement manufacturer in Africa. His wealth is entirely self made and he is referred in the African media as “Africa’s Self Made Richest Man”. Because of his black ethnicity, he is also the richest black man in the world.

#2) Johann Rupert

johann rupert

Son of late billionaire Anton Rupert, Johann is a citizen of South Africa. He inherited the vast fortune of his father and later diversified it and increased it. He holds the majority of stakes in Richemont group which manufactures luxury goods and owns watchmakers IWC, Vacheron Constantin SA, Piaget and Montblanc. Recently in May 2013, he announced a temporary retirement for 12 months from all his corporate commitments. Johann Rupert is the second richest person in Africa after Aliko Dangote and he is the richest man in South Africa. His company designs, manufactures, distributes and sells premium jewelry, watches, leather goods, writing instruments, shotguns, rifles, clothing and accessories.

#3) Nassef Sawiris – Richest Man in Egypt

Son of Egyptian billionaire Onsi Sawiris, Nassef inherited fortunes of his father and heads one of the several companies owned by Sawiris family. Nassef has another brother Naguib who is also an Egyptian billionaire and one of the richest people in Africa. The Sawiris family is the richest family in Africa as it contains 3 billionaires Onsi, Nassef and Naguib. Their combined net worth is more than any other family in Africa. Nassef heads the Orascom Construction Industries which is a part of Orascom Group founded by his father Onsi. Though born in Egypt, he received his education from America. He is an alumnus of the University of Chicago and holds the degree of BA in Economics.

#3) Nicky Oppenheimer

third richest man in africa

Belonging to the country of South Africa, Nicky Oppenheimer is a diamond magnate in Africa. He is of German Jewish descent from his father’s side. He is the Chairman of the company named De Beers in which he owns stakes. De Beers is an umbrella company owning several small diamond companies in South Africa which are involved in mining, shaping and promotion of diamonds in the world. Oppenheimer funded the construction of Tswalu Kalahari Reserve which is the largest game reserve in Africa.

#5)  Mike Adenuga

mike adenuga

A resident of Nigeria, Mike Adenuga’s wealth is only second to Dangote in his country. He is the owner of telecommunication company Globacom Limited. His mobile company operates in Nigeria, Ghana and Republic of Benin. He also has investments in oil refineries and owns them through his Mike Adenuga Group. On being asked by Tribune News about his success, his reply was ” it is due to my Vision, hard work, dedication, patience, commitment, risk taking and obedience.” His net worth is approximately a quarter of Aliko’s and he is  second in Nigeria and fifth wealthiest in this list.

#6) Christoffel Wiese

Another one from South Africa, Christoffel Wiese has made his wealth entirely on his own self. A self-made rich man from Africa, he is the largest stakeholder in retailing company Shoprite which is largest in Africa and also in his own country.  He holds the degree of BA, LLB and Doctorate from University of Stellenbosch. He is an alumnus of the University of Capetown.

#7) Othman Benjelloun

Born in Fes, Morocco, Othman Benjelloun received his education from Switzerland. His father was an investor holding stakes in insurance companies. Othamn inherited those stakes and expanded the banking business of his family. He holds stakes in Bank of Africa and BMCE bank. Benjelloun is the wealthiest man in Morocco with his net worth and seventh wealthiest in Africa.

#8) Patrice Motsepe

Holding the title of “only richest black man in South Africa”, Patrice is another example of self-made billionaires in the African continent. He is the founder of publicly-listed company Africa Rainbow Minerals which is involved in mining of metals like Nickel, CAdmium, Copper, iron, etc. He is the fourth richest South African and eighth richest on this list.

#9) Naguib Sawiris

Brother of Nassef Sawiris and a member of the famous Egyptian Sawiris family, Naguib is Executive Chairman of Orascom Telecom Holding. This telecom company is one of the several companies under the umbrella of the Orascom group which was founded by Naguib’s father. Naguib is the second richest man in Egypt and ninth overall in the continent of Africa.

#10) Mohamed Mansour

Another Egyptian billionaire on this top 10 list, Mohamed Mansour holds an engineering degree from North Carolina University of America and management degree from Auburn University. He has a diversified business which includes investments in retail, automobiles, banking and foods.

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