The Youngest Billionaire in the World – List of All 29 Billionaires

Here, we present the names of the youngest billionaires in the world. Along with this details, we present the list of all top 10 of them on planet Earth. There are 2 criteria to find a place in this list. And they are:

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  1. Age should be less than 40
  2. The wealth of the individual must be 1 Billion US Dollars

Satisfying both conditions above are eleven young entrepreneurs from the United States of America and 18 rich young persons from other countries of the world like China, Russia, Lebanon, France and Germany. Totaling, we get 29 of whom the youngest is Dustin Moskovitz who is one of the co-founders of popular social networking website Facebook.

RankNameAge Net Worth in
Billions of US Dollars
1Dustin Moskovitz29$3.8United States of America
2Mark Zuckerberg29$13.3United States of America
3Albert von Thurn und Taxis29$1.5Germany
4Scott Duncan30$5.1USA
5Eduardo Saverin30$2.2Brazil
6Huiyan Yang31$5.7China
7Fahd Hariri32$1.35Lebanon
8Marie Besnier Beauvalot32$1.5France
9Sean Parker33$2America
10Ayman Hariri34$1.35Lebanon
11Yvonne Bauer35$2.4Germany
12Yoshikazu Tanaka36$1.8Japan
13Maxim Nogotkov36$1.3Russia
14Alejandro Santo Domingo Davila36$11.7USA
15Jack Dorsey36$1.4USA
16Serra Sabanci37$1.3Turkey
17Nicholas Woodman37$1.3USA
18Chase Coleman37$1.4USA
19Ryan Kavanaugh38$1USA
20Andrey Verevskiy38$1Ukraine
21John Arnold38$2.8USA
22Gary Fegel39$1Switzerland
23Kostyantin Zhevago39$1.5Russia
24Dan Gertler39$2.2Israel
25Ana Luia39$1.15Brazil
26Lee Seo-Hyun39$1South Korea
27Fang Wei39$1.5China
28Sergey Brin39$22.8America
29Larry Page39$23Larry Page

#1) Dustin Mostkovitz –  The Youngest Billionaire

dustin mostovitz of Facebook

Born to a Jewish family in the United States, Dustin Moskovitz is the youngest self-made billionaire on Earth. With his Jewish ethnicity, he is also the youngest Jewish billionaire in the world along with a few others like Mark Zuckerberg, Nicholas Woodland and Dan Gertler. He is the co-founder of world’s second most visited website After Facebook, he co-founded another company named Asana which develops applications and software. With Asana, he is busy developing apps which reduce team working time and saves a lot of time by reorganizing the way in which people in a group behave.

#2) Mark Zuckerberg

mark-zuckerberg one of the world's youngest billionaire

Another rich Jewish American, Mark Zuckerberg is the face of popular networking site Facebook like Moskovitz he is the co-founder of Facebook. His net worth is more than 10 billions US Dollars which also enables him to find a place in top 100 richest people in the world and also in richest people in America. He is more famous than any other employee and co-founders of Facebook. His wealth is because of ownership of a significant amount of shares in the company which he co-founded. Mark Zuckerberg has also been named as one of the most influential people in the world by Times Magazine. Because of his voting power in making decisions of the company, Forbes Magazine ranks him as one of the top 10 most powerful people in the world. As per his net worth and age, he is the second billionaire after Moskovitz.

#3) Albert von Thurn – From Germany

Albert belongs to the much famed German family of ‘Thurn und Taxis’ who were aristocrats of once the Holy Roman Empire. His wealth of billion dollars is because of his inheritance of 36,000 hectares of woodland and other assets like real estate and art. He is an alumnus of the University of Edinburgh with a Bachelors Degree in Economics. He is the youngest  in Germany.

#4) Scott Duncan – One of the Youngest Billionaires in the World

Scott is the son of late Dan Duncan. His father was was the owner and a principal shareholder in the company named Enterprise Products. The company deals in pipelines of oil and natural gas. Scott Duncan inherited  wealth after his father’s death along with other siblings.  His father was the richest man in Texas. Scott resides in the city of Houston, Texas. He owns shares of the Enterprise Products which is also a Fortune 500 company.

#5) Eduardo Saverin – Facebook Billionaire

Eduardo Saverin is another co-founder of Facebook after Zuckerberg and Moskovitz who occupy the top 2 slots in this list. He was born in Brazil. Recently, he was in the news for giving up US citizenship. Actor Andrew Garfield played he depicted him in the movie ‘The Social Network’. He became a billionaire overnight after the Initial Public Offering (IPO) of Facebook.

#6) Yang Huiyan – Youngest Female Billionaire

(Read our article on “Youngest Female Billionaires in the world“) She belongs to the country of China and there she is one of the richest women. Chinese newspaper frequently term her as “One of the powerful businesswomen in China”. Her wealth is not self-made. She inherited it from her father. She is an alumnus of Ohio State University. She holds major ownership of company Country Garden Holdings which develops property in China.

#7) Fahad Hariri

Fahd Hariri is the son of late Arab billionaire Rafik Hairi. He inherited wealth and money after his father was assassinated in a bomb attack. His father Rafik was once Prime Minister of the Arab country Lebanon. Fahad Hariri is from Middle-East and one of the few youngest Arab billionaire. His father founded the construction company Saudi Oger which has revenues exceeding in multi billions of US Dollars.

#8) Marie Besnier Beauvalot – French Billionaire

She is the youngest French billionaire and also one of the richest women there. Marie Besnier belongs to the Besnier Family which is a billionaire family controlling the company Lactalis. Lactalis company makes dairy things like cheese, milk and yoghurt. It has sales in billions of Euros. It was founded by Marie’s grandfather and consequently down the generations,  ownership is being inherited by members. His wealth is not self made as it is inherited from her late father.

#9) Sean Parker

Another Facebook billionaire, Sean Parker was once arrested by FBI for hacking the websites of Fortune 500 companies. He founded the music sharing website Napster which is now closed after copyright infringement claims. He is another self-made billionaire from America. His wedding was recently in the news after it was lashed by the media for several environmental reasons.#10) Ayman Hariri

Elder brother of Fahad Hariri, Ayman inherited the great fortune left by his slain father Rafeek Hariri. His father was once Prime Minister of Arab country Lebanon. His younger sibling Fahd is also a billionaire and together with other siblings they form one of the richest family in Arab nations. Ayman has another elder brother Saad-Eddine who is also a billionaire. His brother is actively involved in Lebanese politics.