Top 10 Interesting Websites

When you are bored or just want to pass your time on internet or want to explore the web, below is the list of top 10 interesting websites you must look into.

Chrome WebLab – Interesting Website

Chrome web lab is a chrome experiment by Google  The lab has got 5 different experiments. It bring the extraordinary workings of the internet to life and aims to inspire the world about the possibilities of the web. It is a cool website.

top 10 interesting websites - web lab by google

chrome web lab


Littlealchemy – Cool Website

Littlealchemy is a fun and science game. Start with just four basic elements and create complicated things like human, sun, etc. Combine them by and see how many elements you can come up with. It is another great place to pass time when bored.

top 10 interesting websites - little alchemy



The Museum of Me

The Museum of Me‘ is a must try for all facebook users. The site collects user information from the user’s facebook profile and display it as a museum tour.

top 10 interesting websites - museum of me

The Museum of Me


We Choose the Moon – Interesting Site is an interactive experience recreating the historic Apollo 11 mission to the Moon in real time.

top 10 interesting websites - we choose the moon

Monoface – Another Funny Site

With Monoface you can create different faces. Click on mouth, nose, head and each eye to create a different face. There are 759,375 possible faces.

top 10 interesting websites - monoface



Infinite OZ

Infinite oz is flash interactive animation website which allows user to explore the various settings of outer zone.  It was a promotional animation for the 2007 sci-fi channel miniseries Tin Man.

top 10 interesting websites - infinite oz tinman

Infinite OZ


Engtanglement is a online game in which you have to create a path by adding hexagonal tiles with tracks onto the board. Each tile you place scores you points for the amount of tiles your path goes through.

top 10 interesting websites - Entanglement


Google Gravity

Google gravity is a very good project by mrdoob. It shows you what will happen if google page is acted upon by gravity. You can also type and search for anything and all the results will also fall on the ground. You can also check out the other Mr doob experiments at top 10 interesting websites - google gravity


Neave Interactive is a website by Paul Neave with a series of digital playground interactive tools, toys, apps and art. You will be really amazed by seeing all the apps on Neave Interactive. top 10 cool websites - neave

Chrome Experiments

Chrome experiments is a website that is used by web developers to test out experiments that make use of some of the browsers features in creative ways. The chrome experiments are meant for Google Chrome browsers only, however, other browsers such as Mozilla Firefox and Safari are also able to run these experiments. cool websites - chrome experiments