Turn Photo into Painting Online Free – Six Ways

Now, you can turn photo into painting online with couple of online tools on web. Let us see how to convert your photos to painting. After giving the photo painting effect, it will appear as if it has been painted by someone on a canvas.  After giving the effect  you can share it with your friends on Facebook, Google Plus or any other networking site. You can even take a print out. Alternative Way.

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Sites to turn photo into painting Online

The sites, which I am going to tell you, convert your pictures into painting for free. And it does not involve downloading of image editing software  Though there are software which help you to make it, online option is preferable if you have fast internet connection. In case, if you have slow internet speed then download a software. In all, I could gather six sites which give your pictures the photo painting effect. They are:

  1. Lunapic
  2. Tuxpi
  3. Befunky
  4. Phixr
  5. Photo-Kako
  6. Editor.Pho.to

Let us see the tutorial for the above sites for free with one-click.

1) Lunapic – Convert Photo to Painting

Visit Lunapic. Once you have visited the site, upload your picture which has to be converted. Then hover your mouse cursor above an option which reads ‘Effects’. It is located on the top of Lunapic site. In it, select ‘Surreal Painting’. Th moment you click on it, your job is done and the final oil-painting is in front of you for downloading.

Lunapic convert photo to painting

2) Tuxpi – Turn Photo into Painting

On this site, visit this link. It will take you to a pge which contains certain tools for conversion. Choose file and upload. Once you hit ‘Start upload’, in a new page appears painted version of your image.

tuxpi turn photo into painting

3) BeFunky – Photo painting Effect

Visit BeFunky.  To get image editing tools, click on ‘Get Started’ on top of the page or click on ‘Start Having Fun’ in the middle. Then opens the interface to edit. Upload photo and then click on ‘Artsy’. In it, select ‘Oilpainting’ or ‘Underpainting’. Both do the same work. But ‘Oilpainting’ gives better effect and makes it look real.

befunky get started

befunky make painting tool

4) Phixr – Make Pic into a Painting

Visit site. Phixr is another cool site to do our job. It can make our pictures into painting. Let us see how to use Phixr. It also works the same way like others. Choose a file from hard-drive and then upload it to Phixr.  Select ‘Fun effects’ and in it choose ‘Oil Painting’ and then hit ‘Execute’. Below image will help.

Note: Look for the red circle and go accordingly.

phixr painting tool

5)Photo-kako – Another Great Site

First Visit Photo-Kako.  Locate the ‘Choose File’ and ‘Upload’ with assistance of image below. Once done, hit download to get it saved on your hard-disk.

photo-kako how to

6) Editor.Pho.to – Another place to do our conversion


Visit Editor.Pho.to.  

Here. select a photo from disk and load it on website. Then, locate the ‘Oil Painting’ to get your final photo.

editor photo website oil painting option location


Below section is for beginners who are new to internet and browser.

How to download converted photos?

Once you have converted an image, you can download it by right-clicking on it and then selecting ‘Save As..’. This option enables you to save it on your hard-drive. Not only in this case, if you are browsing any website and wish to have some images on it then you can do so by:

  1. Right-click on image
  2. Select ‘Save image as….’
  3. ENter file-name and click ‘Save’.