What is a Website – Simple Explanation for Beginners

This is the first article of TechScio’s series on How to Create a Website. Let me put down few notes. In this series on how to create a site or how to create a blog, we will be teaching you from the most basic things. We take the assumption that you know nothing about the creation and operation of websites. But we assume that you know how to operate a PC and how to use internet. That’s it!

Hence, whenever we say something about tools related to the creation of website then we will explain those tools and methods in detail. It may happen that some readers know about the tools and methods which we explain. However, not everyone knows. Hence, tutorials on the creation of a website or a blog will be in very very very basic terms. After reading our guide even a newbie will be able to create a website.

What is a website?

A website is nothing but a portal consisting of information in the form of text, images, sounds or videos. And the information is stored on a dedicated server. Some of you maybe confused as to what is a ‘dedicated server’. It is place where the data is stored. In basic terms, servers are hard disks where the data is stored in digital form.

Examples of Websites

With definition, you may have an idea what a site is. Few of theĀ famousĀ sites int he world are:

  1. Google
  2. Yahoo
  3. Facebook
  4. Twitter
  5. Amazon
  6. Orkut

face book home page is an example of website

And many other. There are more than billion sites world-wide. Any valid URL which you type in the address bar and if it takes you to some info then it is a site. If you type ‘MySpace.com’ in the address bar then it will take you to the website of MySpace.

Types of Websites

We can have different categories of sites or blogs on the basis of content and services they provide. For examples, Google and Facebook are not of same kind. Because Google provides you with a facility to search your query and Facebook helps you to connect with your friends using internet and socialize virtually. I hope you understand.

Few types of them are are:

  • Search Engine – Yahoo, Bing, AOL Search, Google, etc
  • Question and Answer – Yahoo Answers, Wiki Answers, etc
  • Social Networking – Facebook, Google Plus, Orkut,etc
  • School and University – Contain info of your school or college
  • Shopping – Help you to shop online with your PC or Mobile
  • Video Sharing – Share your videos with world